Saturday, 22 October 2016

Finding Offline Inspiration

Finding Offline Inspiration || Not Copper Armour
The online world is full, even over saturated with great content and the potential ideas for a blog post but when it all gets overwhelming then good ideas can be found elsewhere. Although the majority of my blog post ideas are inspired from what I've witnessed through a screen, some of my favourite subjects to discuss have come from other sources. Taking time away from a screen is important, in general as it can do all sorts of good for you but it can also help you generate a strong tone of voice and good concepts in your work. Here's where I find outside inspiration - what about you?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Remedies For Feeling Blue

Remedies For Feeling Blue || Not Copper Armour
Once in a while we can go through periods where we feel a little blue, maybe it's the oncoming Autumn and the dark nights drawing in but colder seasons are more prone to play on these feelings. When those less than positive moods strike it's important to find those little tricks that can boost your happiness levels even if it's just a little bit. Here are my ways to get out of a funk, what are yours?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Some Blogging Faux Pas

Some Blogging Faux Pas || Not Copper Armour
I would love to say I'm a true professional and never make any mistakes but we all know that's a bold faced lie, unfortunately like most things, blogging can still incur those bloopers that can leave us ready for many a face palm or instant annoyance. These are some of my blogging faux pas whether accidental or out of my control they still happen. What are your 'oops' moments when it comes to blogging?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

An Updated Fitness Playlist

An Updated Fitness Playlist || Not Copper Armour
There have been a few fairly big lifestyle changes of late, which has meant my gym schedule has taken a nose dive into non existence. So after some adjustments I've had to develop reliable ways I can still get my exercise fix, I thought what better way to invigorate a new routine than to update my music playlist. These are my fitness choices for a workout, they cover a whole range of tempos and musical genres so hopefully there will be something to appeal to you. What are your exercise music choices?

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Classic Black & White Photographers To Love

Classic Black & White Photographers To Love || Not Copper Armour
In one of my monthly What I'm Watching posts (found here) I mentioned one program I was loving was a TV photographic competition, namely the Master Of Photography. It filled a visual hole but it also took me back to my photographic education days, the thought process, the methodology and the critique - yes they were incredibly cutting. Watching this program has helped reignite my love for black and white photography and the beauty of it, so I thought I'd discuss some of my favourite artists who shoot predominately if not exclusively with a lack of colour. Who are your most inspiring photographers? Well known or not.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

When You Don't Feel Like Blogging

When You Don't Feel Like Blogging || Not Copper Armour
Blogging is a wonderful bit of self-expressionism it can allow you to dip your toes into many different job roles and can see your creativity rise to meteoric levels but that being said it can be an all-consuming affair. Every now and again there will be a slump in terms of your space on the internet be it your imagery, the content you choose to write about, your presence or your statistics and data growth, meaning you're just not in the mood to put fingers to the keyboard. So how you overcome the tide of negative vibes is important. How do you deal with a blogging slump? Any tips for fellow creators?