Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thoughts On Body Confidence

Thoughts On Body Confidence || Not Copper Armour
One of my most popular posts of all time is concerned with confidence, it can come in all shapes and sizes but today's topic can be a much more controversial element of this - namely body confidence. It's something that can be really detrimental and can shape how we see ourselves both physically or mentally, that being said it's also something that can be built on and our perceptions of skin, shapes and what lies beneath have the ability to change. Here are some thoughts on body confidence and how I've found an acceptance with being in my own skin. How have you found a body confidence?

Monday, 26 September 2016

Keeping The Motivation To Exercise

With us now officially in Autumn, it's inevitable  that the cold weather will sink in and the desire to stay in our nice warm beds will burn that much stronger. Not only finding but keeping the motivation when carb season hits can be hard to maintain a fitness regime. Here's some of the ways I've still been considerate of my exercising and body. even if I'm reluctant to do so. How do you keep your fitness levels up?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn || Not Copper Armour
Today marks the beginning of the autumn equinox, meaning astronomically (not meteorological) it's the first day of Autumn so let's welcome in a new season and possibly despair at how fast this year is storming ahead. Like all seasons Autumn has it's good and bad qualities but for me it has always been my favourite so in this post it celebrates the things I like about the season. What do you like about Autumn? Or does your love belong to a different season?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

When Not To Listen To Advice

When Not To Listen To Advice || Not Copper Armour
In an age of advice sometimes it can all be a bit too much information thrown at us all at once, so knowing when to switch off and ignore the overwhelming noise of others is important. We all have difficult decisions to make in life and following the suggestion of another party may not be in your best interest. Others opinions and thoughts can be very helpful in influencing our decisions but here are some examples when maybe you should take control and not listen to others. What is the worst advice you've ever heard?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Future Blogging Ideas & Goals

Future Blogging Ideas & Goals || Not Copper Armour
When I started this passion project of blogging I didn't have any big plans for my online space I just posted with a happy abandon but as time has progressed and as I've seen Not Copper Armour expand, a little more thought and consideration needs to be taken when thinking of what lies ahead. I thought today I'd share a few ideas and plans for the future, some may not come to fruition and others may be a long work in progress. What ideas do you have for your blog or business? Any exciting plans to share?

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Dealing With Feelings Of Inadequacy

Dealing With Feelings Of Inadequacy || Not Copper Armour
The emotion of inadequacy is something that can haunt us forever and a day, it can stem from comparison but it can come in ripples or can turn into crashing waves of negativity. Personally I'm no stranger to these feelings of being good enough and these are thoughts you've had to overcome for a while. So whilst I admit this is not one of the happiest topics I have ever discussed on Not Copper Armour but it is something that can be quite relevant in an age of looks, insecurities and criticism. How would you help those who are suffering with the feelings of being inadequate?