Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Love Of Lingerie & Some Independent Brands To Adore

A Love Of Lingerie & Some Independent Brands To Adore || Not Copper Armour
One subject I go completely crazy for is lingerie, although hidden underneath our clothes it has the ability to make us feel like sassy and strong individuals. When looking for unique designs I prefer to shop at smaller independent brands as not only can they be mighty creative but it also supports their business. There are a whole range of colours and ideas available that can suit your sartorial style and your bank balance. Here are only just a few of my go to choices. Where do you buy your lingerie?

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Current Life Playlist: February

Current Life Playlist: February || Not Copper Armour
Music is one life's elements that I just can't do without, be it travelling on the bus, working out at the gym or simply potting about the house - it comes with me everywhere. It bring me great joy and can never fail to bring my out of a funk or match my happy mood. My music taste is varied and eclectic so some choices may come as a shock however this month has a focus of pop or alternative, in general I tend to listen to older songs or albums (I'm forever returning to the classics). Here is my current playlist for my everyday, what have you been listening to and enjoying?

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Discovering Your Blogging Niche(s)

Discovering Your Blogging Niche(s) || Not Copper Armour
Your first foray into the blogging world may start with an initial idea of a strong niche and of course you wish your posts to continue in a successful vein but the missing link could be the content your writing. As you travel along your journey you may be more open to expanding your choice in topics of discussion and the focus of your interests may shift or evolve. Niches have the ability to work for some but not for all bloggers, so here's how niches can be a help, a hindrance and how you can switch things up. What are your favourite blog posts to read?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentines & Self Love

Valentines & Self Love || Not Copper Armour
Valentines is strange time of year, some folks see only see heart eyes and go all kooky for it (each to their own). Although I'm not a single pringle this will be the first year I spend it with my boy however seeing all the pink and can be quite intimidating and set unrealistic expectations whether you're single or not. Here's why Valentines (can be incredibly sweet) can instead be about self-appreciation rather than forced clichéd sentiments. What are your feelings regarding Valentines day? 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Ideas For Your Gal/Val(entines) Day

Ideas For Your Gal/Val(entines) Day || Not Copper Armour
The time for hearts, feelings and lots of the colour pink is upon us, so whether you're celebrating with your favourite person or people there are always some great ideas for how to spend the day. It doesn't have to be clichéd lovey-dovey teddy bears and overpriced flowers, how are you spending the valentines period?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Adding Depth To Your Imagery

Adding Depth To Your Imagery || Not Copper Armour
Despite having the most beautiful of subject matter in front of your eyes, sometimes when capturing it on camera it can seem flat and almost unattractive. Finding the best points of a image and emphasising their appeal can really draw your audience in and help them to explore more. Adding depth to your photography can elevate what you're trying to get across. Here are some ways to give the illusion of depth, how do you fit more into your images?