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In wanting to give more back to the community I thought what better way than to show that appreciation in the form of free imagery, these bright images can be used for your blog, social media, e-book even printed off for your own personal benefit. If you're wanting a little reminder of Spring and Summer without no further charge this could be it. (See below for more details).

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Photo Pack Details

  • The images in this bundle are dedicated to the shapes and colours that can be found in nature, this pack covers the Spring / Summer from 2017

  • Whilst previews featured on here may have a watermark across the image, this is only for copyrighting purposes however the finalised purchased items that will be sent to your email will not.

  • This pack includes 5 high quality .jpg images that are a mixture of portrait and landscape orientation.

  • All of the images within the shop have been taken on a DSLR and have undergone basic editing.

  • This bundle is completely free but the checkout is the exactly same process as any paid product (s).

  • Once purchased these images belong to you, they can be used and manipulated in any way you'd like. 

  • The images require no credit but if you would like to share where you got your awesome images that would be appreciated. 

  • These images can be used for any digital platform like your blog, newsletter, online shop, business, e-book or even printed off for your home. However, they cannot be used for re-sale or commercial use. If you would like to use any of the images in this manner then please contact me at notcopperarmour@gmail.com. 

  • After purchase you will automatically receive a download link that will be available for 24 hours, if this fails to work please get in contact for a resend of the link. If there are any problems please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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