Creative Play: Colour In Sheet Set

Creative Play: Colour In Sheet Set


It can seem an incredibly indulgent to sit down with a box of crayons & let loose however taking the time to colour in shapes can not only be relaxing but also allow us to take stock. Which is why I created this completely free set* just for you. Comprising of 5 geometric & simple designs that aim to not panic or overwhelm but to give a moments peace in all the daily rush we seem to find ourselves in.

Feel free to print them at your own pace & let your creativity loose. They work well in either A4 or A3 paper sizes.

There is no obligation to tag me but if you want to share the love you can find me on Instagram with @notcopperarmour & #coppercreativeclub — plus I’m always excited / intrigued to see what people do with their ‘pause’.

Some Good Points To Colouring - In :

#01 || You don’t have to be good at drawing, regardless of style of ability - the power & joy of putting pen to paper is that it’s not about skill but taking a pause from the daily noise.

#02 || It’s an engrossing activity. Often, as with most creative outlets once you get going you’ll find that it can really hold your attention & you can lose track of time. Be it choosing your materials, colour palette or technique - it could be 5 or 15 minutes, it can do wonders as a replacement for our endless social media scrolling.

#03 || It’s been proven to ease agitation and aggression. Several studies have been completed to measure the link between art & aggression. It was reported that after a few weeks there was a noticeable decrease in anger levels.

#04 || It’s a form of meditation. Finding ways to take time to be more mindful can be tough especially fitting them into our busy schedules however doing so allows for a bit of decompression from our daily worries. Making us more present in the moment.

#05 || It can boost our powers of memory recall and information retention. There have also been studies that took a closer look at Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients - it reported good news in that continued use of colouring in did subtly help some of the effects of these conditions.

#06 || It’s an inclusive task for all. The beauty of colouring in is that it’s not limited to little ones, it can be attempted by all ages. As someone with younger family members, sometimes you need to make your own breathing space whilst encouraging their own enjoyment of the arts (plus keep them entertained if only for a couple of minutes).

*This set may not be replicated or sold - this is purely for personal (and creative) use

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