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Any images featured on Not Copper Armour are my own unless stated. I reserve all copyright to my own photographs. Other images used on the blog will be credited to the best of my ability, if artists or relevant links cannot be found it will be stated that these are not my images.

If you would like to use an image of mine please contact me and I will be happy to let you use them but full credit should be given (unless purchased within the Shop and there is no obligation to credit).

Sponsored Content

On occasion I will feature sponsored content however I have the right to choose which products and brands will suit Not Copper Armour and giving an honest review of any items featured. If content is sponsored in any way it will be indicated by '*', whilst I may be paid for my work all posts and items will be given my full attention.

Any items that feature on the blog that are marked with a '*' have been either been gifted or bought with a bloggers discount. On occasion products will have to be reviewed with in a limited time frame but I will always give my true opinion regardless of concept, creating a balanced view of the item in question. If a post contains all gifted items but is not something I am being sponsored or being paid to write items will still be marked. All items reviewed on the blog are given full consideration and whilst something may not work for me (for whatever reason) it may work or be liked by someone else.

Affiliate Links

In being completely honest and open with my readers I would like to state that I currently use Pickablogger to help build my audience and have more contact with a potential audience. I also use Skimlinks in a bid to hopefully make a few pennies from this blogging experience. 

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