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Finding A Creative Recharge In The Monotony Of Daily Life

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As I've gotten older I've come to realise what a big part creativity can play in our happiness & not only do I love to hear about other's passions but I want to sing from the roof tops about it too. After finding unhappiness in both unemployment & a 9-5 that didn’t quite give me the satisfaction I was looking for I decided to take more control of my positivity - I realised that creativity is a big factor in combating the monotony of daily routines which we can all feel from time to time.

Creativity can be an important aspect of self-care & mental wellbeing, it allows us to vent our frustrations plus express ourselves in ways unimaginable (even when no-one is looking.) I want to start making a big noise because we all need something that is purely for us, that gets us making original work we enjoy & love.

It can take any & all forms; so if you feel particularly snazzy in your outfit, organised a shelf to perfection, baked a yummy cake, fixed an equation that’s been playing on your mind, visited somewhere that made you think, made some new artwork or products (& many more examples of inspiration) – here’s the place to shout about it!

It’s not just about the big gestures but the little ones too !


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 Why A Hashtag ?

After hosting my 1st amazing twitter chat with other talented ladies it became apparent that there are other like minded souls who want to find & connect with other creatives. The point of the hashtag #coppercreativity is to start to build a link on social media between everyone who wants to embrace their passions whether they're looking for inspiration, tips or to start a conversation.

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What Can You Expect ?

Don't be afraid to use the #coppercreativity hashtag on social media, as this space grows you’ll be able to find an array of positive aspects to participate in such as :

 - Challenges

 - Finding fresh inspiration

 - Motivation & Tips

 - Ideas for new passions

 - Outfits / Studio / Work Space BTS

 - Other creative guys & gals doing their ‘thing‘


So let's ask the question(s) :

 - What makes you happy ?  ( Photography ? Crochet ? Organising ? )

 - What ignites your creativity ?  ( Listening to podcasts ? Instagram ? )

 - How do you stay motivated to make / play / do ?

 - What are you proud of ?

 - Do you have any tips for others in sparking their originality ? 

 - How do you balance the 9-5 & your passions ? 

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Want To Contact Me ?

Name *

- Want to share tips or advice ? On a certain passion? On staying motivated ?

- Celebrate your latest accomplishments ?

- Commiserate in those not quite successes ? (but saying hello to new prospects)

- Or fancy letting others take a peek at your work space ?


& More ?

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