Finding A Creative Recharge In The Monotony Of Daily Life

As I've gotten older I've come to realise what a big part creativity can play in our happiness & not only do I love to hear about other's passions but I want to sing from the roof tops about it too. After finding unhappiness in both unemployment & a 9-5 that didn’t quite give me the satisfaction I was looking for I decided to take more control of my positivity - creativity is a big factor in combating the monotony of daily routines which we can all feel from time to time.

Creativity can be an important aspect of self-care & mental well being, it allows us to vent our frustrations plus express ourselves in ways unimaginable. We all need something that is purely for us, that allows us to find joy in everyday routines and gets us making original work we enjoy & love.

It can take any & all forms; so if you feel particularly snazzy in your outfit, organised a shelf to perfection, baked a yummy cake, fixed an equation that’s been playing on your mind, visited somewhere that made you think, made some new artwork (& everything in between) – here’s the place to shout about it!

It’s not just about the big gestures but the little ones too !

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Current #coppercreativeclub Inspiration



Why A Hashtag ?

After hosting my 1st amazing twitter chat with other talented ladies it became apparent that there are other like minded souls who want to find & connect with other creatives. The point of the hashtag #coppercreativeclub is to start to build a link on social media between everyone who wants to embrace their passions whether they're looking for inspiration, tips or to start a conversation.

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What Can You Expect In the Future ?

Don't be afraid to use the #coppercreativeclub hashtag on social media, as this space grows you’ll be able to find an array of positive aspects to participate in such as :

 - Challenges

 - Motivation & Tips

 - Ideas for new passions

 - Outfits / Studio / Work Space BTS

 - Other creative guys & gals doing their ‘thing‘

So let's ask the question(s) :

 - What makes you happy ?  ( Photography ? Crochet ? Organising ? )

 - What ignites your creativity ?  ( Listening to podcasts ? Instagram ? )

 - How do you stay motivated to make / play / do ?

 - What are you proud of ?

 - Do you have any tips for others in sparking their originality ? 

 - How do you balance the 9-5 & your passions ? 

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Want To say hello ?

& Continue The conversation

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- Want to share tips or advice ? On a certain passion? On staying motivated ?

- Celebrate your latest accomplishments ?

- Commiserate in those not quite successes ? (but saying hello to new prospects)

- Or fancy letting others take a peek at your work space ?

& More ?