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The Book Tag

Circa 2016 / 2017 was a good time for tags, whatever genre they’re a great way to write and explore your thoughts, feelings, routines and loves plus lets other in because we all want to share a bit. Books can do it all; be the essential resource, make you fall in love with the stories, take inspiration from and be an escape. They can be an amazing part of our arsenal when it comes to both pushing and supporting our creativity, (it’s no new story but) during university due to reading essays upon essays and even completing a few myself - it sort of all but killed my love of turning a page. Since then it’s taken years to get to a better place with the love of a good book and since my initial Book Tag post things have changed so much and it’s become a very welcome crutch to my inspiration and rest. So let’s rewind and do things a little old school.

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Current Brilliant Book Reads On Creativity

Me and reading have had an odd relationship for a couple of years ever since finishing my creative degree but currently we’re in a good place with more time purposefully put aside to turn those pages. As a reader I’ve always been a reader who has several books on the go and at the moment I’m on a quest to educate myself on the subject of ‘creativity‘ not only to support the thinking behind this site further plus continue my own well-being journey. Here’s my current reading list.

Do you have any recommendations ??

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