Unwinding After A Big Project

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When you've finished your planning, created all the necessary elements and you've implemented your plan - it's time to press publish. But then what? When a big project is over you can feel a little lost, burnt out or overwhelmed after all you've dedicated a lot of hours to this endeavour, perhaps lost sleep over it and reworked your ideas till they're ready to say hello to the world. As you may know I recently completed my latest rebrand, it had been on my mind for the majority of the year and afterwards when it went live I did feel a little flat. Here are a few ways I've been regaining my energy so I can work on the next goal that brings me joy. How do you unwind especially if there's been a big accomplishment you've been working towards?


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When you've been immersed physically and mentally in this idea for weeks even months, afterwards you can feel like you've been left adrift without a focus. And sometimes that's ok. Taking some time away even just for a couple of days can help recharge / banish those less than positive feelings. I adore my blog and the content I've been producing but as I have a full time job this is very much my side passion so fitting it in can be tough - which is why pressing pause can be a good thing. It can give you clarity on what you've just achieved and all the great work you've put in.



Throughout and after the completion of your latest venture it will have shaped some of your thoughts for example what you'll take forward and what you'll say a fond farewell to in terms of future work or style. It all helps to evolve your process and whilst it's reasonably fresh in your mind you can write down your current ideas for the next big plan. You don't have to start things right away, you can let things simmer and have more consideration so you can come back to your list when you're ready to carry it out (which can take years if necessary). Doing this also allows you to digest your intended concepts, you may discover that after reflection maybe they aren't your cup of tea but they could lead to other things.


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I'm not sure whether it's a typical Brit thing or just an ingrained human trait but it can be uncomfortable to showcase our accomplishments because we assume we're not wholly deserving or it can feel unseemly. We're now taught to celebrate the hustle, that we must always be busy to add that validation to what we're doing whilst almost skimming over the good stuff without much of a pause. However completing a project (whether paid, free of charge or a task that is purely for you) can be a big thing but none the less something to be proud of. Reaching the finish line is worthy of making noise about even if the final product isn't what you 1st envisioned.



#01 || Focus on my sleep pattern

#02 || Jot down ideas for my future plans

#03 || Look back at my rebrand notebook - look at my goals / ideas & how they have changed

#04 || Print off all records & new inspirations to make a new mood board plus look at my progress

#05 || Find new passions I can sink my teeth into


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