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University Chat: Studying A Creative Course

It's week #2 in my university series, the first was about degrees and being a success (plus why you may not need one) which you can findhere. Moving on, today we're discussing the role creative courses have to play, my experience with them and some oddities you'll find. My undergraduate course was Contemporary Photographic Practice, it was a way to extend and explore my love of photography but it wasn't all plain sailing, are you going to university? Or how was your time at university?

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Do You Need A Degree To Be 'Successful'?

When September rolls around that means some of you will either joining university for a new year or returning to complete your 2nd and 3rd year of education, so during the month of August at the end of every week I'm going to bring you content on the subject. What with expenses on courses being racked up to an extortionate amount, it brought about the question do you need a degree to get ahead in life? What do you think?

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Breathing Space

It's coming to the end of University and now is the time for the big project hand in deadlines, if you're currently studying a course you'll know that towards the end of the degree/ BTEC/ A-level (etc) there are a lot of stressful, sleepless night towards the upcoming end. We know the work is important and may be draining, sometimes it's important to take a bit of time out to veg out and recharge.

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