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The Devon Escape

It's not often I venture out of my beloved home city but last weekend say me and the boy venture to Devon for an escape to see family, I thought I'd share a few of the places I fell in love with on my whistle stop tour. During our stay we stopped in the seaside town of Brixham, a small but beautiful place that has a lot to offer, in light of trying a new kind of blog post I thought it time to show you around with some of my favourite spots. Where are your favourite places in Devon?

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My Favourite Places & What They Mean To Me

I would not say I'm a big traveller but on occasion I have visited some places that have really resonated with me in a big and left sometimes a bitter sweet echo of the time spent there, these are some of my favourite places that I've had the pleasure of perusing. These places may seem on the outlook not up your street however try to forgo any intial judgement because you could find your best places when not even purposely looking for them. What are your favourite places?

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