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My Desk Essentials

Of late I've been trying hard to build a blog space that I'm happy to work from and that is purposely dedicated to my space on the internet, I feel it's important to cultivate a working area that suits your work regardless of your schedule, business, brand and interests. When working in an area it's a great idea to add personality and inspiration so that your productivity jumps up a notch, so here are essentials for an effective desk area - what are yours?

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Making Your To Do List Work For You

I'm going to make a confession right here, up until I'd say a year ago I wasn't using checklists effectively, I'd panic leave it to the last minute and then compile a massive list of everything I needed to do which wouldn't always produce the greatest results. Since I started posting to the blog every week, I realised I had to change my ways pretty sharpish to better my work. Here's why a to-do list is a positive thing and how it can help your output.

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