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The Am To Pm Tag

In early April I spoke about some possible ‘Blog Post Ideas To Explore Creativity’ , there was a whole range of concepts to get your teeth into but doing so helped spark a few I wanted to update and explore further. 1 such post was The AM To Pm Tag, a light hearted look at our routines and what makes us tick throughout the day plus we’re all a little bit inquisitive when it come to how other’s do things.

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How I Unwind After Work

Those hours after our work day are incredibly precious but often we’re too preoccupied with other things like preparing for work the next day, looking after the family or reliving the past work day - to name only a few. When I worked at my previous office role sometimes I’d get home very late leaving no time to truly unplug and over time it became too overwhelming that something had to give. After looking at my own routines and adding more clarity on what brings me joy I found I needed more space and time for slower creativity. Whilst this blog is my main source of creativity it still keeps me attached to electronics, the online world and my idea of a side - hustle it often keeps at bay those thoughts of true rest. The below outlets are all about getting away from a screen, using less of my ‘on’ brain and being more mindful with my time.

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