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The Desktop Backgrounds III

For me, researching new imagery is incredibly worthwhile and finding an aesthetic that suits you just make the day a little better. Here are some potential ideas for your welcoming picture, where I can I have referenced the artists but none of these creations are mine (no matter how much I wish it) and most have been found through the wonders that are Tumblr or Ignant. What type of design do you prefer when you start your laptop?

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Quotes For Those Good Vibes

Once in a while we all need that pick me up, the motivation and the support that we can do this even if times are tough. Across the internet there is so much positivity available that I thought I'd put together a post on some of the inspiring found words that have been cheering me up recently. Whether you need a little reminder to keep going or a pep talk on confidence, hopefully this can be your daily dose of good vibes. What positive quotes do you have an affinity with?

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