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Thoughts On Style & Helping To Define Your Own

A while a go I wrote a post on my own personal style lessons which can be foundhere, it spoke of things that affect me and my body which may or may not be applicable to me. Whilst I adore people watching viewing all the stylish people with their weird and wonderful get ups I realise the concept of style is an incredibly personal one. It's something we hopefully grow to love and explore in our own way, here are a few thoughts on fashion and style. What do you think of personal style and fashion?

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Stylish But Comfy Blogging Outfits

When at home I'm usually found working on my blog in some kind of capacity be it writing, planning or taking pictures, unless I've been tempted by an ASOS perusal and all it has to offer. If you've been reading this space for a while I'm known for my love of comfort, this goes for blogging as well, I like outfits that allow me to relax, move about yet aren't necessarily the pjs I slept in the night before. What do you feel most comfortable in when blogging?

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