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Wardrobe Love & Self - Expression

Whilst I may not be up to date with the latest in and outs of the fashion, I’m a huge advocate of personal style and the joy / confidence / creativity it can bring. On occasion our personal style choices can seem repetitive and flat but they don’t have to be by rejigging how we see our wardrobe. Over the past couple of years I’ve transitioned my wardrobe into something that is more minimal and monochrome this aesthetic may not be for everyone but the whole process has taught me how to explore and get more creativity from my wardrobe.

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Attempting The Spring 10 x 10 Style Challenge

Those of you beady eyed folks will know that I completed the #spring10x10 style challenge over on my instagram, if not it can be found in my 'creativity' highlight section on my instagram profile. It's a task created by Lee Vosburgh over at Style Bee (the basics you can find here), that lets you use 10 items from your wardrobe to construct 10 outfits over 10 days but this can be chopped and changed to suit your needs. It's an incredibly interesting idea to explore and can be great in helping you realise new potential possibilities with your style / wardrobe. This challenge is a way to really look at your wardrobe contents, how you style it and how you consume 'fashion'. I've also done a previous attempt from Summer '17 which had varying results which can be found here. Here is my experience of the latest experiment from my outfits, lessons and what I'm taking forward. Did you attempt the Spring 10 x 10 challenge or do you participate in any other style projects?

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What My Blogging Uniform Looks Like

As the majority of my week is spent working in an office role and the commute associated with it, the blogging part of my time has to happen at the weekend. The weekend is the time to not only relax but get away from the weekly stress and do what you love, for me my style (when left to my own devices without the hassle of going out) is not only minimal but relaxed too. Here are some of my style essentials for a weekend of blogging, what does you sartorial weekend uniform look like?

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Some Pro & Cons Of Dressing Minimally

There are a whole host of different types of style, even more so when considering things on a more personal basis. Although not the most adventurous I prefer a more monochromatic, minimal way of dressing, it may seem simplistic in terms of fashion but there are some positives (and cons) to wearing more subtle items of clothing. Here's a list of reasons why I choose a less flashy approach in the 'style' stakes. How would you define your sense of style and why you like it o much?

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Attempting The 10 x 10 Challenge

This year I wanted to try and push myself creatively by completing small activities such as participating in my Instagram stories or embracing challenges such as the '10 x 10' for the Summer season. Inspired by Sophie of Private Life Of A Girl, this task looks at everyday style, consumerism and the practicalities or limitations of it. I wanted to discuss my experiment of 10 days with only 10 items of clothes to mix and match, have you finished this task? What does your everyday style look like?

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