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Finding Time For Photography & Instagram (When You're Always Busy)

Our creative outlets are the first to be neglected when we’re too busy and our self-care check-in can take a dip (or catastrophic nose dive). We’re more likely to engage in the endless mindless scroll or (unwittingly) listen to other’s voices and perspectives rather than stepping back to make new that’s from us.Instagram is one of the best and the most readily available places to not only take in inspiration but have a platform where you can shout about your imagery - regardless of your style. Finding time to effectively use instagram can be easier said than done but creating photographs can be a welcome release for your energy plus in some cases highlight a moment in your daily adventures you wish to cherish. My own instagram process has been a hit and miss affair plus with all the noise that social media can produce it can be an overwhelming place to be at times, so as a reminder to myself, here are some ways to find the time to post to instagram.

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How I Edit & Create My Instagram

Of late I've been really trying to keep a curated Instagram I can get on board with, unfortunately I'm not one of those people who can't throw caution to the wind and have a completely spontaneous or random layout. So to keep things simple for myself and to build a foundation I'm happy with - here's how I do things from beginning to end in terms of posting an Instagram picture. How do you go about creating your theme?

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