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Blog Post Ideas To Explore Creativity

Creativity is a subject that can be found anywhere and it can help bring focus to our everyday routines. As it comes in all forms it can be a huge inspiration plus serve as fresh content for our online endeavours so to help think of new ideas - here are a few topics that you could explore regardless of your preferred online platform be it a blog, instagram , twitter and beyond. Creativity is such an important subject to look at that there’s needs to be even more discussion.

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How I Unwind After Work

Those hours after our work day are incredibly precious but often we’re too preoccupied with other things like preparing for work the next day, looking after the family or reliving the past work day - to name only a few. When I worked at my previous office role sometimes I’d get home very late leaving no time to truly unplug and over time it became too overwhelming that something had to give. After looking at my own routines and adding more clarity on what brings me joy I found I needed more space and time for slower creativity. Whilst this blog is my main source of creativity it still keeps me attached to electronics, the online world and my idea of a side - hustle it often keeps at bay those thoughts of true rest. The below outlets are all about getting away from a screen, using less of my ‘on’ brain and being more mindful with my time.

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Current Brilliant Book Reads On Creativity

Me and reading have had an odd relationship for a couple of years ever since finishing my creative degree but currently we’re in a good place with more time purposefully put aside to turn those pages. As a reader I’ve always been a reader who has several books on the go and at the moment I’m on a quest to educate myself on the subject of ‘creativity‘ not only to support the thinking behind this site further plus continue my own well-being journey. Here’s my current reading list.

Do you have any recommendations ??

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New Things To Look Forward To (On The Blog) In 2019

Some of you lovely folks will have noticed that the blog has gone through some big changes and is starting to make the pivot from more personal blog to a site with a unified message - ‘finding a creative recharge from the routines of daily life‘. This all started with my own unhappiness in a job that was the classic 9 - 5, it wasn’t a bad job but it was monotonous with no time for myself and it left me craving more balance / creativity / joy (plus neglected the blog). So now this blog is all about taking those past and on-going lessons and putting them into practice. To keep myself accountable and to keep you guys in the loop here are some of the future plans for me, you and the blog.

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Finding Time For Creativity When You're Always Busy

It’s so easy to push creativity aside because it’s not always related to our ‘important’ stuff (this is especially true if like me you work in a 9-5 environment and you are a teeny tiny cog in a huge machine) but we forget that whatever form our creativity takes it can bring a real breath of fresh air and clarity to our day. Whether we enjoy our jobs or not we all need a full stop to our day. It’s effortlessly smooth to fall into the trap of doing everything and leaving the things that bring us joy for ‘when we have time'. Making time in a day can be a tall order especially as we’re all incredibly busy but there are some ways to find an extra half an hour for you and only you.

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Ways To Switch Off From Work

In recent years we’ve cultivated a culture that prioritises work and the art of being busy coupled with undo pressure from our bosses let alone ourselves - it can be incredibly hard to break the cycle and truly unwind from all the hours we spend working. Building our own boundaries and routines into our daily schedule can create more breathing space for other loves plus give us the ability to value ourselves over others. Leaving work behind for the day can be an essential part of self care (even if you adore your job role) but can be so hard to truly accomplish as we can often stay preoccupied with the thought of work during our at home hours too. I’m a girl who loves a bit of structure, separation and easy to implement tips.

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