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In early April I spoke about some possible ‘Blog Post Ideas To Explore Creativity’ , there was a whole range of concepts to get your teeth into but doing so helped spark a few I wanted to update and explore further. 1 such post was The Am To Pm Tag, a light hearted look at our routines and what makes us tick throughout the day plus we’re all a little bit inquisitive when it come to how other’s do things. I wanted to do this now as later on in the year some exciting life changes may or may not be happening and my days will change again so I want to delve into how things look now.

What do your daily routines look like ??



What Is Your Morning Routine ??

Me and early mornings don’t always get along … and that is putting it mildly. I’m a natural night owl so wake ups can be quite tough (especially during the colder months) so I can be a little grumpy sloth come the ‘9-5’. My routine on the work days is vastly different to the weekends, it’s a lay in bed till late as possible then rush to the bathroom, get ready, quickly nip in 10 mins of a podcast (my current loves are Letters From A Hopeful Creative & Fearless Hustle Collective), pack a lunch then power walk to work in a flurry.

My weekends are significantly different thanks to the ability to snooze to my hearts content. These mornings are much slower including: a facetime chat with the gent, blog reading, tidying and planning. If only everyday were a weekend.

(p.s. my current favourite GIF that makes me laugh constantly - an accurate depiction of me. On repeat is a must.)

What is your current podcast of choice ??

Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging
Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging

What’s For Breakfast ??

Someone slap my wrist, despite all the advice about having a proper breakfast and the positive things it can do for you - it’s rare I make myself a plate. During the busy work week it’s a snack during the later morning which can range from anything to a chicken sandwich, carrot sticks, fruit and the exceptionally healthy chocolate bar except on Friday’s when it’s ‘Hot Dog Fridays’ and it’s the time to treat myself to a glorified sausage sammich. Yes, it’s a little weird … but for now I’m fine with it plus it gives me a couple a seconds peace to think about the upcoming day whilst in my mini office.

At the weekend as I wake up later I mostly wait till about 12 / 1ish and have my breakfast-lunch then, which usually comes under the guise of a crisp sandwich.

I admit a couple of more healthier choices wouldn’t go amiss and this is something I need to work on.


Coffee Or Tea ??

Despite being raised in a family of tea-bellies the English cliche has completely escaped me and I’m a fan of neither. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I may grab a glass of orange juice.


How Long Does It Take You To Get Out The Door ??

As with most things the difference between my weekday and weekend routines is stark, during the week I can be anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes whereas at the weekends I need to catch up on my sloth tendencies, so a good hour at least is needed to wake up without becoming an absolute grouch.


What Is Your Favourite Outfit / Make Up For A Fuss Free Morning ??

My work environment requires to dress a little smarter than my ‘normal‘ attire meaning midi skirts and shirts. I try and add my personality to the mix with accessorising with jewelry or pin badges. Come the weekend my uniform usually consists of leggings, a big shirt and a chunky jumper / cardigan or … pyjamas. It’s easy, comfy plus allows me to not get caught up in wardrobe worries and concentrate on other things.

I make no bones about the fact that me and beauty are not bosom buddies, it’s just not for me, however as I’ve gotten older maybe it’s time to actually jump on the skincare bandwagon. So I’m not a complete wrinkly prune when I’m much older.

Current line up includes : L’Oreal Age Perfect Refreshing Toner, The Ordinary Buffet Serum, No. 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream or the Day Cream and Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm.

Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging
Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging


What Is Your Afternoon Routine ??

As soon as I enter the house from a day out it’s an automatic change into something more comfortable, be it pyjamas or leggings. If it hasn’t been used up by work day activities my energy often perks up here and it means I get to spend the time on myself so that could be watching TV, planning a blog post (or related blog admin), eat all the food or get lost in researching creativity.

Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging

Snack Time ! What’s In The Bowl ??

Around 3pm - 3.30pm or oddly 7.30pm my energy levels really dip so to fight off a serious case of the naps it’s time for a snack. The snack menu isn’t the healthiest selection but could include:

  • Popcorn

  • Crisps

  • Chocolate

  • Garlic & herb croutons

  • Pineapple / or fruit in general


How Do You Wind Down & Prep For Bed ??

My self-care waxes and wanes so my night time can change depending on moods and the time of the year. Some of the activities that I use to settle include:

  • Occasional origami

  • Watching easy TV

  • Skincare

  • (Unfortunately) Instagram scrolling

  • Planning the next day

  • Using the Calm app for it’s ambient music

  • Reading a chapter of the current book choice


Cosy Up ! What Are You Wearing To Sleep ??

This sloth takes sleeping very seriously and means being as warm as possible but the state of attire can differ depending on the seasons, in the summer there are decidedly less pyjamas and more skin but come winter it can be everything from a full pj set, hat, blankets and a scarf.


What Are Some Things You Must Do Before Hitting The Hay ??

As a creature of habit, nothing rounds the day off more by making the bedroom space tidy. Despite living in a tiny room it soon gets messy again. Having a quick spruce about the place before bed can not only can keep things calm but also get off on the right foot for the next day.

Picking out tomorrows work outfit is something that can be positive for so many reasons, it can cut out essential getting ready time by taking out the ‘I don’t know what to wear’ mini morning meltdown, puts in place an organised feeling and lastly preparing the night before can give you the opportunity to plan things to perfection so you have an outfit that fulfills the needs of the upcoming day. This is also true of packing tomorrow’s bag be it for work, gym, shopping or adventures.

Not Copper Armour - The AM To PM Tag -- Lifestyle - Beauty - Blogging

What Do Your Little Daily Routines Look like ??

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