How I Unwind After Work

How I Unwind After Work - Not Copper Armour - Lifestyle - Creativity - Photography - Blogging

Those hours after our work day are incredibly precious but often we’re too preoccupied with other things like preparing for work the next day, looking after the family or reliving the past work day - to name only a few. When I worked at my previous office role sometimes I’d get home very late leaving no time to truly unplug and over time it became too overwhelming that something had to give. After looking at my own routines and adding more clarity on what brings me joy I found I needed more space and time for slower creativity. Whilst this blog is my main source of creativity it still keeps me attached to electronics, the online world and my idea of a side - hustle it often keeps at bay those thoughts of true rest. The below outlets are all about getting away from a screen, using less of my ‘on’ brain and being more mindful with my time.

Here’s how I like to unwind after work …


Scrap Booking

When studying photography the importance of mood boards and collecting inspiration was a big thing to influence an upcoming project / idea(s) / thoughts / general aesthetics - since then I’ve fallen head over heels for the process of mood boards and scrap booking. Although it can take a lot of time to physically complete it’s the perfect excuse to get lost in creative play and explore several trains of thought. In an effort to continue my Minimalism journey (found here) I’ve been decluttering my online files, clearing space and sorting through images that I haven’t looked at since creating them (sometimes after years) - too much scrolling takes away the meaning of those memories some of which can be incredibly emotive. Printing them off and curating them into a scrap book puts more emphasis in beloved past memories plus gives them a new lease of life in a new form.



Although A fairly new and not as frequent hobby it’s still relevant to my unwinding process. Last year I began to work hard on my mental health and understand what makes me happy plus the things that, something I’ve admired for a long time is the art of paper folding. It’s a beautiful skill that I would love to acquire if only for the basics and in 2018 I plucked up the courage to actually buy the materials. So far my progress is nothing outstanding but it’s a completely different activity that brings me joy from the simplest of actions plus can be completed anywhere. At my work we’ve even started an ‘origami club’ and those 20-30mins folding paper make the day feel a little less full of ‘rushing‘.

How I Unwind After Work - Not Copper Armour - Lifestyle - Creativity - Photography - Blogging

Blog Post Planning

Now I know in the introduction paragraph that I stated that blogging isn’t a way that I truly unplug but 1 aspect that I keep away from a screen is the physical planning of my blog posts. I find that when I go straight into typing blog posts on the laptop that my thoughts aren’t as considered as they could be in comparison to if I take the time to think about the topics to be discussed. Doing this also works out any kinks that could occur plus occasionally helps me to realise that the intended subject this isn’t a blog post I wish to invest my time in. Just letting myself write and explore certain topics can be incredibly relaxing plus create food for thought and new blog post ideas.

How I Unwind After Work - Not Copper Armour - Lifestyle - Creativity - Photography - Blogging
How I Unwind After Work - Not Copper Armour - Lifestyle - Creativity - Photography - Blogging


It’s no secret at all that before university I used to adore reading, it was a real passion but after my years spent consuming texts and research it somewhat diminished that flame to turn those pages. Since then I’ve been working to get back to a good place with reading and whilst I no longer devour books with immediate gusto there’s still a love there (plus I’ve broadened my genre choices). 1 way that has really helped with bridging that gap plus effectively setting me up for a good night’s sleep is to read a few pages before bed - making sure that the last thing I see before snoozing is not a screen but influential words. My positive relationship with books has returned and my current reads include:

#01 || Creativity: Why it Matters By Darren Henley

#02 || Conscious Creativity By Philippa Stanton

#03 || The Creative Habit: Learn It & Use It For Life By Twyla Tharp

#04 || An Edited Life By Anna Newton

… What are you reading at the moment ? Any recommendations ?


How Do You Like To Unplug From The 9 -5 ???

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