How I Show Up For My Creativity

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Creativity means different things to different people and it can manifest itself in unique ways - it isn’t just for the stereotypical ideal of an ‘artist‘. Inspiration and motivation can show up through seemingly the most inane unrelated processes but it can inform our work with a fresh perspective. Recognising those routines that not only bring you joy but move you forward creatively can take time to find, let alone understand - leaning into these routes can be awesome for our separation and essential recharge. For my own journey I’m slowly but surely putting more time and effort into what I need to express myself as for a fair few years it was squashed through the education system and an unsatisfactory job situation - our versions of creativity are actually a lot bigger than they may 1st seem.

How do you make yourself visible to those potential connections for your work ??

Not Copper Armour - How I Show Up For My Creativity - Creativity - Lifestyle - Blogging - Photography

Getting in all the sleeps

My sloth reputation needs no introduction at all but an important factor in my motivation or productivity is making sure my energy levels are refreshed. When my sleep patterns are all over the place it is noticeable in the work I produce and my drive to want to make work. As an introvert my energy is severely drained by being with other and as the majority of my work is spent working in a fairly busy and sometimes intense environment, there’s not a lot of remainder left for me. Naps and an effective sleep timetable goes a long way to helping with a recharge.


Turn the pages

Over time I’m developing a fairly good groove when turning those pages again and although most of my bookshelf focuses on escapades into fantasy but of late I’ve been eager to educate myself on the subjects that matter to me and poor the inspiration in. Reading is both an escape and a calming mechanism for me, the joy has once again discovering my passion for turning the pages.


Listening to those tunes

This has always been an important subject for me, it’s a personal form of taste and expression that can be not only individual but influential. Music has the power to alter moods, bring happiness, motivation and resonant with our less than positive emotions. Studies have also shown that music can benefit our productivity levels, for me this makes music my near constant companion and something I listen to at some point every day be it :

  • walking to and from work

  • working out at the gym

  • dancing & wailing in the shower

  • creating blog post imagery

If at times you have a very loud inner monologue or worrying thoughts that make themselves known then music can be a very welcome distraction from the anxiety and stress building.



When I was much younger and at school something we were introduced to was creating a moodboard for our projects in more practical subjects. Something I’ve continued to adore is every so often putting together my own moodboard as a fresh outlook and a visualistion of what you aspire to can do wonders not only for our daily routines but reinvigorate the effort we put into our goals. My latest moodboard is all about the photography I wish to use from the subject matter captured, to the textures and processing techniques.

Not Copper Armour - How I Show Up For My Creativity - Creativity - Lifestyle - Blogging - Photography
Not Copper Armour - How I Show Up For My Creativity - Creativity - Lifestyle - Blogging - Photography

Other ways I show up for my creativity :

  • Have the courage to say no to others & situations I’d prefer not to be in

  • Recognise when my self care / head space isn’t where it needs to be

  • Make others aware of my needs as an introvert / creative / human

  • Take in fresh inspiration from any & all sources


How do you show up for your creative journey ??

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