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Of late I’ve been feeling very disconnected with my creativity and this, for me, has a direct correlation with my happiness and mental health. So to get myself back on track whilst giving myself accountability and a place to explore my play - I’m starting a series to experiment with different creative outlets and hopefully show you the results (there will also be some play on my instagram). The 1st play is all about the benefits of colouring in - a seemingly simple task that is surprisingly mindful.

How do you unwind ??

Do you colour in ??


It can seem an incredibly indulgent to sit down with a box of crayons and let loose however taking the time to colour in shapes can not only be relaxing but also allow us to take stock and be more present. My own relationship with colouring has changed over years, when I was younger I loved the arty / crafty side within my downtime and it was encouraged. As I got older this element of play did peter off but then the adult colouring books made a real comeback as did the appreciation for them. For my own mini experiment here are some things I used …

Tools Used :

  • Pens

  • Crayons

  • Felt tips

  • Colouring book

  • Geometic colouring sheets - a freebie just for you

Not Copper Armour - Creative Play - Colouring In -- Lifestyle-Creativity-Blogging
Not Copper Armour - Creative Play - Colouring In -- Lifestyle-Creativity-Blogging
Not Copper Armour - Creative Play - Colouring In -- Lifestyle-Creativity-Blogging
Not Copper Armour - Creative Play - Colouring In -- Lifestyle-Creativity-Blogging
Not Copper Armour - Creative Play - Colouring In -- Lifestyle-Creativity-Blogging

Some Good Points To Colouring - In :

#01 || You don’t have to be good at drawing, regardless of style or ability - the power and joy of putting pen to paper is that it’s not about skill but taking a pause from the daily noise.

#02 || It’s an engrossing activity. Often, as with most creative outlets once you get going you’ll find that it can really hold your attention and you can lose track of time (in a good way). Be it choosing your materials, colour palette or technique - it could be 5 or 15 minutes (or longer) to get lost in creativity. It can do wonders as a replacement for our endless social media scrolling.

#03 || It’s been proven to ease agitation and aggression. Several studies have been completed to measure the link between art and aggression. It was reported that after a few weeks there was a noticeable decrease in anger levels.

#04 || It’s a form of meditation. Finding ways to take time to be more mindful can be tough especially fitting them into our busy schedules however doing so allows for a bit of decompression from our daily worries. Making us more present and in the moment.

#05 || It can boost our powers of memory recall and information retention. Very much like the previous point regarding aggression there have also been more studies that took a closer look at Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients - it reported good news in that continued use of colouring in did subtly help ease some of the effects of these conditions.

#06 || It’s an inclusive task for all. The beauty of colouring in is that it’s not limited to little ones, it can be attempted by all ages. As someone with younger family members sometimes you need to make your own breathing space whilst encouraging their own enjoyment of the arts (and keep them entertained for a couple of minutes).


How Was It ?

Attempting colouring in on a slightly more serious level was something I had wanted to try for a while and if I’m honest need to continue. The battle was giving myself the time to sit down and do it, there is always so much to do but after letting myself start for a couple of minutes this slowly grew into finishing the said page(s). During that time I didn’t have to think about anything else and solely focused on my hands and the pen.

I found out that small intricate designs, like a scene, add more stress than is necessary. The fear of combining the ‘wrong‘ colours, when you go outside the lines and often the paper quality found within adult colouring books isn’t as high as it could be, this makes some equipment bleed through into the next page - for me it was too much concentration for my little brain to comprehend. No thank you. I found I tend to prefer singular that are more primitive but no less engaging so I created some geometric designs as a way to put a bit of myself into this challenge but also because the basic, simplicity creates less to think about. (see below)

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Freebies Just For You !

It’s no secret now that I’m a fan of simplistic designs where I can easily mix and match colours without too much panic or overthought. I thought I may not be alone in my ‘colouring in’ play. So to celebrate this I’ve created 5 designs as a set that you can print off and do all the wondrous things with. This selection is completely free and you can use as many times as you like !*

I printed them in both A4 and A3 sizes for my own exploration but they would also work in smaller sizes for more practicality if needed.

Feel free to tag me in any designs with @notcopperarmour or #coppercreativeclub

*This is a digital download product and is not to be sold - the item is purely intended for personal (and creative) use


Do you use colouring - in to unwind ??

What does your creative play look like ??

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