Adding More Motivation Into The (Work) Day

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Finding the motivation to soldier on especially on those days you really don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone be a productive human can sometimes be a tall order. This is even harder when you’ve put your energy into the ‘9 - 5‘ but you want to come home and do things for yourself, whether that be creative projects, a side hustle or anything in between. On occasion it’s all too easy to retreat into pjs, easy tv and slobbing on the sofa to unwind - then mentally punish ourselves for ‘wasting’ our own time. Trying to take advantage of those pockets of motivation aren’t always possible but there are some ways to help cultivate that kind of encouragement. Here are some ways to not only brighten my day but hopefully add more inclination to use my time more productively for my own projects.

What tips & tricks to you employ to add more encouragement for motivation ??


Create A Moodboard // Use Your Work Walls

This may not always apply depending on your work set up especially if you work on the road or are part of an office that uses hot-desking but in a fair amount of places you are afforded a mini work space (no matter how small). I’m fortunate that I get my own room, its not the most glamourous but I make the most of it by adorning the walls with art and things that brighten my day. Whether you have a cubicle, work on the go or have a whole room to play with, using any available surface to stick inspiration to it can bring joy plus should inject a little bit of motivation to your day.

A mood board is essentially a visual inspiration of what you would like to aspire to within your self imposed parameters; whether it be for a project, exploration of personal style, inspiration for your work day etc. The physical act of making a mood board can be incredibly therapeutic and creative, you can mix a variety of textures, images, colours, cuttings, text and whatever to create a personal response. Whether your moodboard takes the form of an A4 / A3 piece of paper, an online document, the entirety of your work walls or a notebook you can take everywhere - having something like this not only brings a bit of personality into your work (especially when your not always allowed to express it) but also makes a resource that can bring a breath of fresh air keeping the productivity going.

Some Ideas For Your Moodboard // Work Walls :

Not Copper Armour - Adding Motivation To Your Day - Creativity - Blogging - Lifestyle
  • Family snapshots

  • Cute Trinkets

  • Art

  • Book covers

  • Paper art

  • Tickets

  • Outfit shots

  • Thread

  • Packaging

  • Your goals / to-do list

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Fabrics & textures

  • Dried leaves & flowers

  • Magazine clippings

  • Postcards


Employ The 2 Minute Rule

During the past year I’ve been on the hunt for productivity tricks and 1 that has really stuck with me is the 2 minute rule, this is a method that has 2 parts to it :

  1. If it takes less than 2 minutes - do it now

  2. When you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to get going

This helps with so many life aspects from crossing off your to-do list, tidying up or starting to implement a new routine. It’s so easy to leave things piling up and this could be due to a multitude of reasons from feeling super tired, feeling overwhelmed, got into the routine, simply don’t know where to start and anything inbetween. The beauty of this Rule is that it embraces and encourages the thinking - to just start and with every little step you’ll find that rhythm you may have been out of touch with. For my own routines I use this method heavily; crossing off those little jobs can begin to lift the fog from your brain, brings a bit of confidence with every job completed and can give you less to think about overall. Applying this to all life aspects can free up procrastination time plus leave you free to focus on other (maybe) bigger tasks.

Not Copper Armour - Adding Motivation To Your Day - Creativity - Blogging - Lifestyle

Have A Variety Of Hobbies That Sustain You

Finding motivation comes in all forms, that spark can be found in so many places and some of them are completely unrelated to our work. Having hobbies that recharge us can be beneficial to our well being, confidence, problem solving abilities and those light bulb moments. No matter how you unwind, participating in other outlets that you enjoy and that need different thought processes can encourage those prolonged moments of productivity and motivation.


Put In 90%ish (At Work)

As someone who prides herself on having a good work ethic, when I began to practice this less than 100% it did feel a little unnerving. We can’t get away from the fact that there are 24 hours in a day, how we spend them and how much energy we put into all our different life aspects can depend on a whole range of variables. As an introvert my energy is heavily depleted from interacting with others and my ‘9 -5’ (whilst enjoyable) does rely a lot on this factor meaning that when I get home it can take a lot to muster the motivation to work on other things that bring me joy - such as this blog and the content surrounding it. I’ve found that not putting my all into the majority of the work week leaves a small percentage all for me and what I want to do - it allows me to still give great service in my role but also work on my potential side-hustle. It’s also a form of self-care as it protects yourself from negativity and any build up from work, even if you love your job there does need to be a separation so that you can come back with a fresh, recharged perspective.


Other Little Ways To Separate From Your Work Day :

  • Have in & out of work shoes

  • Curate a variety of playlists / podcasts that suit your mood

  • Schedule in some time away from screens and social media

  • Change into your easy clothes but maybe not pjs

  • Wear work outfits that still have elements of ‘you‘


How do you add more motivation to you day ??

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