A Hello ! Why I Took A Break & Being Kinder To Myself

A Hello - Why I Took A Break - Being Kinder To Myself

Hello internet, it’s me, the girl who would like a creative, successful and reliable voice / blog but then disappears for over a month - oh hey! To say I’m back might be tempting fate but I’m here for now and wanting to get back into creating especially since I currently have a little more time on my hands. There’s going to be a few changes and adopting *hopefully* new routines to make things a bit easier when balancing other life necessities and be more intentional with my online presence. So here’s an update and some new things.

What have you been up to just recently ??

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A Hello - Why I Took A Break - Being Kinder To Myself

The ‘9-5’ & End Of Term

My job is in the Education sector and whilst it can be incredibly rewarding at the same time it can be really intense. With a new term and growth in my job role (which in itself has been last minute, exciting and nervous all at once) on the horizon it’s been all systems go. Taking this into account plus adding the quality and effort needed for good blog content was always going to be ambitious. The fact is I earn my living through the ‘9-5’ so the majority of my output should be placed there, unfortunately I have the on-going battle with my energy levels - as an introvert my energy is heavily depleted by being with other people so after a busy day it can be hard to keep going when I get home. Despite my wants, the blog had to take a step back however this did give me some time to play around with some ideas and plan some future content.


New Instagram Aesthetic

For a while I’ve been feeling flat with instagram, the lack of growth can be a bother especially when you put your voice out there and hear nothing back. So instead of being passive in my output I’ve decided to try out a new look and thought behind it. I also want to explore my own creativity through instagram, give myself mini projects and extend this through stories. It may work, it may not but I can’t keep sitting and expecting revolutionary things happen without me trying anything. Since I have the 5-weeks to play - let’s give it a go.


An Attempt At Seasonal Working

As I work term time, it’s been hard to find the right balance between busting a gut at work and producing the content or quality wanted for the blog / social media. Going forward I want to try and use my breaks to the best effect and get ahead as far as possible. This will mean a real change in my routines and try not to run myself ragged during the rest of the year and so I’m not teetering on the edge of a burnout. Although my seasons will look a little different to others, it’s another experiment to explore. As I’m getting older I’m realising more and more about myself, who am I as a person / what I want to be happy / who I want with me / what I will accept - now not all of those will happily co-exist at the same time but it has made me aware of what I can realistically do with my time and how I’m prepared to spend it.


What exciting things have you got coming up ??

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A Hello - Why I Took A Break - Being Kinder To Myself