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When I was first introduced to mood / vision boards it was more for the fact that I got to do something creative with my hands, whilst that is still the case they can offer so much more. They're a complete essential when starting any kind of creative project, they can be more generic in purpose or can be incredibly focused. A mood board at it's basics is a vehicle to put your visual ideas, it can be digital but I prefer making physical ones as it feels more personal and considered (plus fun). Here are a few reasons why I will always wax lyrical about the joys of a mood board and how something so simple can be so effective.

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I T   C A N   A P P L Y   T O   A L L   S U B J E C T S

Whether you're planning a bedroom makeover, the next range of products in your shop or wanting to refine your imagery style - there's no set rule as to the reason behind using a mood board. These could be defined further by focusing purely on one creative aspect for example composition, form or colour. I currently have 2 mood boards, 1 is in my in my Ideas Book which is to refer to the compositional attributes of image - I like the images in this book but they don't represent my photography style however I like how the artist has created their images. I reach for this when taking my own images so I can gain some momentum if I have no idea where to start in terms of arranging an image. It also serves as a creative boost when I'm out and about.

My 2nd mood board is in my bigger brand book which features quite a few pages that get progressively more focused as you flick through. Some of you may know that I'm planning a rebrand and it's taking a while as there are so many aspects to consider but the images in these mood boards are about the colour and style I want to emulate in my own work. It's a brillaint tool to keep referring back to. 


I T   C A N   B E   A   C O N S T A N T   R E M I N D E R   F O R   

Y O U R   G O A L S

A mood board can consist of anything and everything from postcards, fabrics, texts you could even make marks and holes in the board - it is open to interpretation and personal style meaning it can be as tactile, complicated or as simple as you'd like. It's a great point of reference for your ideas, 1 criteria I set for myself is that it must be accessible and movable so I can easily reach for it when working especially as I have no set 'photography area'. A mood board can be as fluid or permanent as you'd like (size doesn't matter either) as it could be on a bit of paper, in a sketchbook or a wall. Often a mood board is an aspirational piece that gives an indication of what you want to produce and if it no longer gives you that buzz when you gaze upon it it's no longer applicable for your needs - it's time to make a new 1.


I T ' S   E A S I E R   T O   

D I S C U S S   W I T H   O T H E R S

Are you like me and have had conversations where the other person you're trying to discuss your idea with just can't visualise what you're on about? A mood board can bridge the gap. For example if you're planing a redesign of a room and you and your partner have a very different idea for it's aesthetic, then a way to build up your confidence and possible help to compromise on both your ideas is to create a little mood board of you intended plan. It can help you realise that actually your idea needs a bit of tweaking to be more accommodating and your partner can see that it's not so intimidating and you've given thought and consideration to your proposed project. After creating my own boards I've found more confidence in discussing my own ideas with others and their opinion can actually push those intention to the next level.

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W H A T   D O E S   Y O U R   M O O D   B O A R D   L O O K   L I K E   ?


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