Why Photography Can Be Awesome For Your Well Being

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One subject I can wax lyrical about is obviously photography and a big reason I have such an affinity for it is because of the good things it can do for your head space. Creativity and art therapy often go hand in hand and you don't have to dedicate a lot of time to these kinds of passions to start to feel the benefit, this type of medium is actually a (not so) sneaky way to stop, breathe and practice mindfulness. Here are a few reasons why photography is a brilliant artistic and healthy pastime to take up.

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I t ' s   F o r   C o m p l e t e   

B e g i n n e r s / S e a s o n e d  

P r o f e s s i o n a l s    A l i k e 

With a whole array of different manual and automatic settings to experiment with, with most cameras (minus a few older models like the 5x4 large format camera and larger) it's fairly simple to pick up a camera and just go. You don't even need a camera as most phones have great picture qualities to love - plus it's a ridiculously handy and convenient item to hand. 

I t ' s   A   V e h i c l e   F o r   

Y o u r   A e s t h e t i c

A camera in its most basic term is simply a tool for capturing light, a beautiful one but a tool none the less. You are the one who inputs your style, directing what and how you want your subject matter to look. So whilst others may not like what you create, it's still a personal project - your imagery could be purely family snapshots or something more playful or experimental. 


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I t ' s   A n   E x c u s e   

T o   G o   O u t s i d e

Although there will many times you are indoors, giving yourself the time to take in fresh air for a wander and document the day. It's the perfect time to not only focus on yourself and make beautiful imagery of your day but it's also great to just to stop and take time to be more mindful of where you are, being in the moment. It could be a whole day out or it could be a quick an half hour away to get a quick boost of motivation.

I t ' s   A   C r e a t i v e   

R e l e a s e

Whether you're a professional, amateur or complete hobbyist there is room for all, it's a way to get out any frustrations and take your mind away from whatever current worries or stress that has your in a less than happy place. Making something that's all from you can be an incredible feeling, it can be annoying when a certain shot doesn't go your way but knowing you created something with your own planing or construction goes a long way to cleaning out some of the mental cobwebs - even more so when an idea comes together at the end.

L i t t l e   T a s k s   T o   C h a l l e n g e   Y o u   F o r   A   

Q u i c k   L i f t

#01 || Focus on a colour theme for a week or month

#02 || Create your own A-Z of You

#03 || Take a picture everyday for the 365 Challenge

#04 || Capture photos of one thing, like a collection

#05 || Photograph snippets of your favourite places

#06 || Practice with still life


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