Why I Use An Inspiration Book

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It’s no secret I’m always on the hunt for new concepts that not only add joy to my everyday but also to help with those light bulb moments. One route to nirvana I’m embracing is collecting the images I adore and curate them into a smaller notebook that I can refer to whenever it takes my fancy. Here’s the why behind my book of beauty. How do you bring inspiration into your life on a daily basis?

What is An ‘Inspiration Book‘ ?

a collection of found imagery from across the internet that is to inspire my composition, colours, meaning, whatever and what to look for when out and about. it is used as a purely personal (extended) mood board.

- P.S. It is not meant to copy the artist’s work. And certainly not used for any kind of profit.

Why I Use An Inspiration Book

Ideas On The Go

When our mind is blank or absent-mindedly thinking of something else, out of nowhere you can get a random flash of brilliance. On occasion a phone (whilst super handy and efficient) doesn’t always give you the space or freedom to express our thoughts succinctly as opposed to the happiness that can be gleaned from turned pages that you’ve put together yourself. I admit it can be a hassle to carry yet another thing around in our bags but even having a few pages can help encourage us to keep flexing that big ol’ brain for that essential creativity.

Injection Of Art Wherever / Whenever

The main defining purpose of my A5 book is to be a go to point for a quick dose of inspiration and motivation. I’ve collected a whole range of images for across all genres and my favourite internet sources (but mostly Pinterest) that give me something to take away from. Instead of letting myself fall victim to my own feelings of comparison hole to trip into, I’m taking what I like about each image and using it to put my own spin on it for hopefully better results. It may not always work how I planned but it gives me a good grounding to play with. It genuinely gives me a lot of joy to peruse the pages at my leisure whenever because for now it really does speak to the place I want to be with my style as a creative.

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A Creative Task For Down Moments

Something I discovered when I was younger was that I’ve always adored creating mood boards for my intended creative projects (art, photography and textiles were brilliant school subjects for this) not only the physical activity but the aftermath of knowing you’ve made a piece that speaks to you. Making my own extended mood board in the form of a book has done wonders for my mood and mindfulness as it allows you to really consider your purpose. Cutting and sticking, even though a simple (and possibly underrated) task can do a lot to work thing out in your head. It’s the perfect exercise to add to now and again whilst listening or watching something more relaxed. The only down side to this is that it could be deemed a waste of paper to some but for now it is a necessary step to find those connections in both my motivation and inspiration.

Do you have a mood board ? Or inspiration book ?

How does it look ?

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