Where I Find My Inspiration

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Inspiration can at times be a fickle mistress, on occasion you'll have a tidal wave of ideas that it can be overwhelming however on the flip side you can also feel like there are no new ideas you want to complete. It's fair to say there are no truly original ideas as so man concepts are an exploration or extension of something else but that doesn't change the fact that you have your own voice to put out there to use another angle. I'm constantly on the hunt for fresh ideas and I don't just mean for blog posts but for life admin, decor, design aesthetics and general ideas that push my space on the internet a little further out there. Here's where I source those motivational ideas? Where are your favourite places to find exciting concepts or favourite people to take from?

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B l o g l o v i n '

This is a platform that collates all your favourite blogs into one place so it's an easier read overall, why I follow certain blog will vary but it could be because of their photography, site design, writing style and blog post titles. Over time I've become a very visual person so scrolling through my feed to pick and choose what I want to read make the creation process easier.

P i n t e r e s t

Of late I've become a real addict of this site and a daily visit is almost a necessity, it's such an amazing resource that I've neglected for a long time. My visits here are mostly for imagery purposes but you can also find relevant articles and put up your own images to link to your site. I would recommend this to any creative as you can search artist(s) and genre, saving them to your profile (which can be secret or not) - it's also awesome for researching colour and composition.

I n s t a g r a m

One form of social media that I go through stops and starts with is Instagram, it's a brilliant visual resource and great for micro blogging, although I'm not a fan of the lack of chronological order and the all too addictive infinity scroll. It's inspiring in how it can engage an audience, announce new exciting releases; show creative developments and coupled with instastories it can document someone's day. It can be a bug bear in terms of own engagement and numbers but otherwise it's a must for aesthetics and people. 

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L i g h t  b u l b   M o m e n t s

Whatever the spark is that strikes a cord it can create those surprising light bulb moments that can happen at any time, anywhere. Some of the most thought provoking projects can be ignited by the smallest of connections. It could be talking to someone and the conversation gets you thinking or when you're putting your head down to nod off and *ping* genius hits. 


N e c e s s i t i e s   f o r   

c a p t u r i n g   i d e a s :

#01 || Phone - to screen shot imagery or ideas to write down at a later date // notes: to quickly jot down anything to do, intentions or concepts

#02 || Smaller notebook - A handy item to carry round for more notes & copy out what has been screen shotted - exploring more

#03 || A reliable pen

#04 || Your current book for a mental break & light bulb moments


Where do you find those interesting connections for new concepts or content?