What's In My Current Mood Board

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What's In My Current Mood Board (3).JPG

A few weeks ago I spoke about the benefits of having a mood board (found here) and what it can do for your work regardless of subject or idea, in following on from this I thought I'd share my current inspirations and colour theme. Pinterest has become my one-stop shop for great images and occasional fantastic links to wider content which allows you to find (for example) fantastic blog reads. Here's just a tiny peek at just some of the stunning imagery I've been adoring and have been helping me to motivate a change in my own work. Who are your favourite photographers? Image makers? General creative folks?

Unknown (5).jpg
Unknown (4).jpg

As you can see currently there's a whole lot of similar tones and colours that can help me create an overarching brand and personality to my photography, I've also moved to a simpler style because I don't want a cluttered aesthetic. and well all things minimal is a beautiful thing for me. A mood board is an ever changing process and eventually these images will be replaced with new ones but for now these are hopefully going to help with my newest blog and photograph work.

*Apart from the first 2 images the rest of these images are not mine (I wish) and have all been found through the power of Pinterest, I have linked them as best I can to the brilliant artists but if I've made a mistake please get in contact.


W H A T   H A V E   Y O U   P I N N I N G   ??

W H O   A R E   Y O U R   I N S P I R A T I O N S   ??


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