What My Productive Sunday Looks Like

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I find Sunday's can be some of the most relaxing yet productive at the same time and in wanting to keep the good vibes going throughout the week (including the dreaded Monday blues) I try to build a rough working schedule that stills give me that weekend feeling. Weekends present me with the possible biggest chunk I can dedicate to my creativity however that's without taking into account spending time with friends, family and my gent - which makes time for myself and passions limited. Here are some of the tasks that are perfect for a Sunday. Do you have a productive Sunday or do you prefer to completely unplug in preparation for the upcoming week?

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P l a n   O u t f i t s   &   

P a c k   B a g s

Although I wouldn't call myself the most organised person there's no denying the benefits that can come from keeping ahead of the game and have things prepared the night before so you're not already in a bad mood when Monday drags you from your bed. Packing your bag, making your lunch, creating your to - do list and organising a potential outfit for the next day can take the pain out of your morning and make things a little easier on you. It also saves essential time in the morning which could be spent on more important things like an extra 10 minutes in bed.

T i d y

Starting the week with a fresh outlook can help be the key to unlocking a more positive mindset, for me I find if my living / working space is a mess then I find that my thinking isn't as clear or I can't quite concentrate on the task in hand because I'm thinking of what needs tidying. Tidying my room in the morning or last thing at night is one of my favourite activities, it's not only calming but the after effects of having a spotless room can do wonders for your mind plus it's looks mighty fine.

S h o w e r   &   O t h e r   B e a u t y   P a m p e r s

Having a good spruce of yourself physically can do wonders for how you approach the day ahead, Sunday is the perfect time to do those little beauty routines that can make you feel a little better. It could be as simple as having a shower or painting your nails with a fresh coat, finding tiny beauty details (even if they're not in depth - I admit I am a complete novice) can add a bit of a boost to your mood. For example doing a face mask / your good skincare routine, in whatever shape and form that comes in, can help you feel fresh and help you feel more confident to face the next day.

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E d i t   P h o t o s

Some of the most effective tasks for a Sunday can be shorter in duration and for me I like to edit my images in short batches e.g. for a separate blog post. As I've been trying hard to establish my own style this is also true of my editing style and generally I've whittled it down to a system I can easily replicate. The completion of little batches of images can give you a bigger sense of achievement as it's more tasks ticked off your to - do list.

S c h e d u l e   B l o g   L i n k s   &   B l o g   a d m i n

I have a love / hate relationship with scheduling blog links as they can take time to complete especially with weekly links however I'm so grateful when it rolls around to the intended day and I don't have to have a mad panic. It's a simple task that can be a filler if you need a quick break from a bigger project and can be a great bit of preparation. On occasion I'll write blog posts on a Sunday but generally I save them for during the week as they can be a quite intense to write and a big exercise to sometimes undertake, other than blog writing I'll double check the spelling of scheduled posts and give them simple tweaks if needed.

W a t c h   B a d   T V

If you're like me then you can't sit in silence for several hours except for the pounding of keyboard keys, you need a bit of background noise to help you feel less alone in your working environment. When being productive whether it's writing blog posts, scheduling social media links or planning a to - do list, I like to have some easy TV shows that don't need much concentration and brain work from me and although I get judgement from my parents when they walk through from watching trashy TV it's a necessity to keep working but still relax.


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