What My Blogging Uniform Looks Like

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As the majority of my week is spent working in an office role and the commute associated with it, the blogging part of my time has to happen at the weekend. The weekend is the time to not only relax but get away from the weekly stress and do what you love, for me my style (when left to my own devices without the hassle of going out) is not only minimal but relaxed too. Here are some of my style essentials for a weekend of blogging, what does you sartorial weekend uniform look like?

T H E   B I G   J U M P E R   /   C A R D I G A N

A we're still in the throws of Winter with lingering colder temperatures plus coupled with the fact that I'm a perpetually cold girl means that a constant companion of mine is either an over sized jumper or cardigan. I find  the best cut of fabric actually comes from the men's section and although smaller, more fitted items can be dressed up or down with ease but for comfort and an easy throw on option I prefer several sizes bigger.

Q U I R K Y   S O C K S

The majority of my style is incredibly simple but one aspect where I throw sophistication to the wind is in my foot attire. My collection of crazy and colourful socks was born out of wanting to tell mine apart from other family member's but now whenever I look down at the tootsies it brings me joy from the silliness. It's only a little thing but when it gives you a boost of happiness there's no need to complain.

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What my Blogging Uniform Looks Like.JPG


Me and jeans are still on the outs and when I'm at home taking photographs in all kinds of angles plus want a step up from pjs - leggings are the best option. I find jeans still too restrictive however leggings can glide over those lumps and bumps with ease. They can be cheap and cheerful plus hide a multitude of sins.

O V E R S I Z E D   S H I R T   /   T - S H I R T

 One of the best ways to make a start towards that elusive productivity is to get out of those pjs and get dressed for the day, if I'm in the mood for something a little more pulled together I'll often reach for a collared shirt as can be both smart and casual depending on how it's styled without the faff. Failing that and continuing those very relaxed weekend vibes is to wear a big t-shirt complete with cute or silly illustration - call me a sucker for a discreet slogan.

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W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   S T Y L E   F A V O U R I T E S   F O R   B L O G G I N G ?


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