What I Learnt From Taking Some Time Offline

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Hello Internet, my name's Emma and it's been a month since my last blog post. Originally I had planned to take a few days off whilst I finished up my work for my previous job role and made the slow transition into my new position however it quickly became apparent that wasn't going to happen. So here's an update on what's been happening during my break plus what has this time away has taught me. Do you take periodic holidays from the internet or do you have techniques that keep you from feeling overwhelmed or addicted to a screen?


T H E R E ' S   T I M E   F O R   O T H E R   A W E S O M E   T H I N G S

Even though I know, it never quite sinks in that blogging (whether part or full time) can take up a lot of time. Giving yourself more time away can allow you to appreciate and do other things, for me this time has meant blog post planning / getting back on track with what I want to say, National Trust adventures with the family and a really exciting blog re-brand project with lots of research and scrap booking to boot. It's always good to take some time to completely slow down away from the rat race so you can come back with a bang.

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M E N T A L   H E A L T H   I S

  I M P O R T A N T   N O   

M A T T E R   Y O U R   A G E 

The subject of mental health is such a huge and complicated thing to discuss, especially on a personal level, this paragraph has been rewritten and edited so many times that I've lost count - because it's the age old question how much do you share? For me the past couple of months I've been particularly cloudy in the old brain / mind department, I haven't quite been myself and of late I've been more nervous, worried and anxious than my steadier self.

This was due to a variety of reasons but needless to say you can still have a crying panic attack in public (not cute), feel your anal retentive tendencies get worse, stay up till silly o'clock worrying, not want to leave the house, feel overwhelmed and let comparison get in the way of your success (no matter how small). Now I'm very nearly 30 I thought I'd got my own internal way of thinking, routines and ways to calm myself down to a tea and although there's now a light at the end of the tunnel as I'm feeling better it's still an on-going (forever) process. It's important to not ignore those little signals you're not quite OK till you run on empty, as ultimately it could affect you in all kinds of negative ways.


T H E   B L O G   W I L L   S T I L L   B E   H E R E   W H E N   

I   G E T   B A C K

I started this blog as a creative outlet and crutch for myself a little while after finishing university and it's always been there to return to. Every time I take some much needed time away it's there with open arms and a publish button ready to go. Admittedly there can be a worry that when you truly switch off that your numbers will take a nose dive which can make you feel like you've fallen behind, numbers aren't the be all end all of blogging but in conventional terms they do signify the success of your space to others and brands. It has been harder to get going this time as there was a slight loss of confidence about how I do things blogwise as it had been so long since I attempted to get back on the horse.


T H E R E ' S   M O R E   T O   A   J o B   T H A N   M O N E Y

In my previous job role I had a made a quick progression into a job role that I enjoyed, it was basic office work and the pay matched it - which as you can imagine was not incredibly high however there were other things outside of the role which I did not appreciate but were a complete necessity. I have now accepted a new role that is not only in a sector I've wanted to get into for years, it allows for more time for my passions and myself but overall it is lower pay. And for now I'm totally OK with that. Obviously I'd like a few more pennies in my purse but this new arrangement speaks more to my mental well being and time with loved ones more than the potential monetary value. 

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T H E R E ' S   A   R E A L   J O Y   

I N   B U I L D I N G   D A I L Y   


With this new role comes a chance to re-jig my own routines and actually take care of myself more effectively. If you couldn't tell I'm firmly in the 'introvert' camp which isn't a bad thing and I revel in my time alone because it makes me a better person for my loved ones when we are together. Here is my current to do list of things to work on:

   #01 || Build an effective sleep pattern

   #02 || Continue to make healthier food choices

   #03 || Have some kind of daily skin care

   #04 || Create more time for fitness / get back into

   #05 || Always get dressed for the day

   #06 || Keep up the water intake

   #07 || Build a morning / night routine




D O   Y O U   O F T E N   T A K E   I N T E R N E T   B R E A K S   ?


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