What A Day Of Blogging Looks Like

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It's been a year and a half since I took a look at what a day of blogging looks like for me, as so much has changed for me and my working schedule I thought I'd revisit how I do things. As I work during the week for the 9-5 slog the majority of blogging related tasks need to completed on the weekend but I'm also trying to balance steady productivity with elusive rest so I'm not overwhelmed come Monday morning for the monotony. Weekends are for image creation, writing and scheduling. Here's what I get up to come Saturday morning, what does your blogging schedule look like?

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W A K E   U P

If left to my on devices I could happily sleep forever but I'm trying to build a better routine for myself overall which means a wake up time of 9-9.30am and then spend about half an hour catching up on any social media like Instagram or Bloglovin' on my Ipad. It's a naughty habit, a hard one to break but for me this the only time I can really take in fresh inspirational content for creativity and ideas whilst encased in a cuddly cocoon of duvet. 

T H E   S L O W   M E A N D E R

I tend to work better during the afternoon and evening so mornings are usually dedicated to life admin and preparation so after I've had my fill of social media and blogs it's time to get up. Jobs during this time including tidying my room (tidy room, tidy mind and all that), making a to do list for the day / week ahead, putting photo props into piles ready for the upcoming weekly photo session, listen to music, get ready in comfy clothes, perusing through my collection of inspirational imagery for last minute photography ideas and breakfast - a treat as there's never time during the week. 

P H O T O   T I M E   &   L U N C H

As it's still so dark at this time of year, finding time during the week to photograph is a no go as I leave and come back from work when the sun has set but weekends are for getting the camera out. This means either camping out in the kitchen in front of our wall to ceiling windows for all the light or in my bedroom with all my props to hand plus it's more comfortable if I have to step in front of the camera. The weekly blog schedule has been lessened to 3 days a week making things a little easier but it also allows for more time considering my imagery and exploring a few new layouts. Usually this can take 1 -2 hours coupled with either an upbeat playlist or something easy and fun like The Ricky Gervais Show. After I've exhausted my physical creativity, with maybe some frustration and hopefully a lot of success - it's time for lunch. 

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W R I T I N G   A F T E R N O O N S   &  P L A N N I N G   E V E N I N G S

During the week I tend to hand write / plan out potential blog posts during my work breaks and will often type up during the weekly evenings however when the weekend comes around it's ideal for double checking posts making changes and editing imagery where I see fit. Often sections can be rewritten, spell checked and change in format before they make the final cut which is why I'm trying to get ahead of myself and become an organised Miss. I try to incorporate more relaxing tasks or ones that are more behind the scenes plans, I have a few ideas to make this space better but it can be overwhelming to really get into certain tasks straight after work knowing you have to up for another productive (not so exciting) day in a couple of hours.


O t h e r   w e e k e n d

 t a s k s   i n c l u d e:

- Setting up social media links

- Transfer images from camera to phone for easier Instagram planning

- Plan out my next week

- Towards the end of the month, look at next month's schedule

- Do more work in the blog book

- Tidy the room


What do your blogging day(s) look like?


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