Things No-one Tells You About Content Creation

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If you're any kind of writer or creative you'll know that creating new, exciting content that you like can be a lot of hard work and even harder still to maintain that rhythm for any longevity. When you start to build your own online space, products or you create for someone else you don't always realise how it can affect you, so here are a few lessons I've learnt from my own content creation (and am still getting to grips with for the long run).


I T   C A N   T A K E   A   L O T   O U T   O F   Y O U

When you use your own words, mental links and / or imagination it can be quite an engrossing process and therefore an exhausting one too which can take it out of you physically. This is especially true if your blog post, article, writing, work etc has personal links or you're emotionally invested in the subject matter. Putting your thoughts and feelings out there into the big, wide world can not only require a lot on confidence but leave you feeling drained and even worse uninspired - all of this can make you feel vulnerable and make creating the next piece harder to complete but it does offer past perspectives on how to approach future ideas.


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I D E A S   A R E   F O R E V E R   ,   H O W   Y O U   F E E L   

A B O U T T H E M   I S   N O T

Often people go in and out of periods of inspiration or motivation, for me it's not for the fact the ideas aren't there it's just at that moment in time those links just don't quite sing to me. There are ideas literally everywhere but to find true originality is a very rare thing indeed, as so many people have their own styles of expression and different opinions but in all of the noise it's about finding your own voice and what you want to say (without stealing someone else's thunder) - this applies to any kind of work whether it's meant to inspire, inform or entertain. For example I have an Ideas Book and I'll write everything down but on occasion I'll look back and after some thought there are just some topics I don't want to explore be it that they no longer appeal, I don't feel knowledgeable enough or they are a bit too personal - it could be any reason why you choose not to proceed but eventually you'll find the thing you want to talk about. This is also true of past things you’ve discussed, as you get older you may find the opinions you once had don’t always stand the test of time, every now and again it could be worth going back to reflect on your past works either editing or retracting them.


T H E R E   W I L L   B E   T E C H N I C A L   D I F F I C U L T I E S

This blog post is actually the 2nd version as even though it was saved, for some reason it wasn't there when I went back to it the next day meaning a lot of frustration and the inevitable feeling that it will need to be typed ... again. When you have a deadline, want to complete a big or intricate project or something that you're invested in you can guarantee that there will be some kind technical mishap just before you're nearly ready to go - it's the law of averages. All that good work you've put in can be lost in an instance.



Y O U R   S T Y L E   C A N   C H A N G E   O V E R   T I M E

As we grow in confidence and experience, how we want to express ourselves changes over time and it's by no means a bad thing. Like a lot of things in life your style be it for any kind of creative endeavour or not can evolve over time and there could even be some teething problems till you reach your happy medium. When you're trying to elevate or refine your style or you naturally make changes, it could take some time to truly cement your way of thinking but it can happen with lots of research and practice. For me in terms of imagery I take in a lot of imagery and then whittle down the ones that really speak to where I want to be, rather than just the ones I like (as that could be a never ending list of beauties if left unchecked).

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N O T   E V E R Y O N E   W I L L   A P P R E C I A T E   Y O U R   S T Y L E   &   T H A T ' S   O K

If your work is published to a wider audience and establishes itself with a bigger readership then as you begin to change your style or even change direction with your work, that you could turn people off from your content, it happens. Everyone has their own individual tastes especially when it comes to creative work (as a consumer) and that can change just like any creator can change their focus, which means your numbers can decrease and increase easily as people either find a note they resonate with or they no longer find a connection with you or what you produce. The issue of numbers is one of the biggest and toughest to understand as a creative (it’s something I really struggle with) as it can make or break you not only on a personal level in terms comparison but in terms of brands or people who wish to work with you in signifies your some of your potential outreach. Sometimes it's hard to accept that there are new changes as a reader but as a creator it's a necessary process to get to a new way of doing things, we should be celebrating when someone tries something new (even if it's not as successful as 1st hoped).


W H A T   L E S S O N S   C A N   Y O U   P A S S   O N   A B O U T   C O N T E N T   C R E A T I O N   ?


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