The Joys Of A Rucksack & What's In Mine

The Joys Of A Rucksack & What's In Mine (6).JPG

A couple of months before the end of 2017 I gave up my usual shoulder bag to my sister & her pregnancy needs which I was happy to do but it meant my trusty ruck sack came out of retirement and since then it's come with me everywhere including on photography days. Having a bag that is supportive and roomy without being as big as a house is important especially when you're off on a day of adventures. Here's what is usually in my photography / everyday bag?

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With my months of daily use with a ruck sack strapped to my back, it's official that I could wax lyrical about the good points on this type of bag. Although as mine is not the ultimate in practicality (as it's white and it isn't fully enclosed, with slightly open corners) it's functional plus with it's modern design it doesn't make me feel like a school child. It's quite an older item as it did have it's moment in the blogger sun a couple of years ago but it's surprisingly durable. Here are a few good points to trying a rucksack:

#01 || There's more storage & more room to negotiate

#02 || You can distribute the bag's weight evenly over both shoulders without creating an ache in either arm plus the adjustable straps can make it personal to you and your body shape

#03 || Both your arms are free, making them mighty practical if for example you need to take a picture or carry more shopping bags

#04 || Generally, rucksacks are safer from prying hands than handbags

#05 || They're easier to maneuver when on the commute

#06 || They can come in all shapes, sizes & colours meaning your true love is out there

More professional photographers will probably have a more extensive kit but for me I keep it incredibly minimal plus as this isn't my full time job and for the type of intended subject matter I tend to shoot it doesn't require the latest and greatest equipment.

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Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera - My preferred camera of choice & it's fairly light with a vari-angle flip out screen

Wireless Camera Remote - For if I want a wireless option when I can't press the shutter myself or don't want any camera shake

Nikon WU-1A Wireless Adapter - Able to link to your phone & use that as a viewfinder, good for if you want to turn the camera on yourself

Bottle Of Water - In trying to buy less packaging but remain hydrated is to carry my own

Blog Book - This book of inspirational imagery is handy for a quick boost of ideas for subject matter, angles, depth of field but always in your own style

Diary - I've taken to carry a little A5 2018 diary to take note of all important lifestyle /blog dates

Notepad & Pen(s) - Having an A4 generic notepad is good for those quiet moment in which I can plan out the next upcoming blog post or quickly jot down a quick thought

Deoderant - A beauty necessity regardless of outing type

House Keys - Regardless of where I'm off to, home is always there to come back to

The Bits & Bobs Bag - The little bag that's for hair grips, bobbles, hand cream, face cream, lip balm, gym locker lock & the occasional glasses wipes

Here's How I Style A Rucksack ... 

A Work Day

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A Photography Day

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What's In Your Bag?


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