The Good Points Of Changing Your Blog Output

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At the beginning of the year I invested in a session with Sophie from A Considered Life through her Content Strategy Service, she gave me a lot of stellar advice (a lot of which I'm still implementing even though it's slow going) but one of those ideas was to take some of the strain off myself was to lessen my weekly blog post output from 4 to 3 days a week. It's been a hard adjustment but welcome one as there is still a lot of balancing to do in other life aspects, I've no idea how other talented folks do it all because it's a real toughie, however cutting down blog posts was actually a good thing. How do you schedule your blog posts? Are you a daily / few posts a week / whenever the mood takes you kind of creator?

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There was a bit of trepidation when attempting to lessen my blog post outage as not only was I worried I'd lose whatever edge I had plus lose out on the numbers side, which although they aren't the be all end all of blogging and not the reason I press publish on my blog posts, in terms of being traditionally 'successful' there's no denying it can be a big indicator. However it really started a change for 2018 in not only how I approach the blog but helped me on the way to distinguishing my new style. It's also helped me to appreciate that I shouldn't feel guilty about taking a break every now and again, this is still a passion project for me and taking time out (even if it affects numbers) can be a good thing.

+   G I V E S   Y O U   M O R E 


One of the unspoken truths about creating just 1 blog post is that it can take a surprising amount time to complete, every person is different in how they work from photography, write up, edits to formatting it can take hours to perfect your desired outcome so to eliminate a couple of hours on another blog post to squeeze into a week can be awesome. This can free up some essential moments that can be dedicated to other passions or to simply relax after the hard work has been completed it can make your time more meaningful in how you choose to use it.

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+   Y O U R   S U B J E C T   

M A T T E R   C A N   H A V E   

M O R E   F O C U S  &  Q U A L I T Y

Some of you who have been here a while will know that on the whole I plan out my monthly blog calendar all at once, this means fitting in a 4th idea for the week can leave things feeling a little stretched, scraping for ideas or producing slightly more 'fluffier' posts than I'd like. Now with 3 blog posts a week not only does this make calendar planning shorter in time but these can be easily categorised into 'Lifestyle', 'Blogging' and 'Photography' not only is this neater for my tidy tendencies but there can be more focus given to each subject. This means more time, energy and consideration can be attributed to each intended blog post and subject matter which therefore can mean there's more quality to input. I think it's noticeable when a creator tries something different with their style and it's even better when it's a success.

+   T H E R E ' S   N O T   A S   

M U C H   L A S T   M I N U T E   


Towards the end of 2017 I was starting to drown and my content was really starting to suffer, trying to find some kind of harmony between everything whilst still creating content (especially as it was frustrating as the thing I wanted to do was blog but sadly other commitments took up all my time) is a hard one and I won't lie I was failing fairly spectacularly. That feeling of constantly playing catch up is not fun at all and it was becoming apparent that I wanted content that was easier to produce, whilst maintaining numbers. Now every now and again you do need a filler blog post just to tide you over for whatever reason but now I find myself not stressing as much thinking of the next blog post, now I'm not only on track but occasionally ahead of myself which makes me so incredibly happy. Since lessening my output I've not only maintained numbers but gained more too which was an incredibly shock - it may not be a huge growth especially compared to younger blogs and more numbers but a win is to be celebrated.


H A V E   Y O U   U P P E D   O R   L E S S E N E D   Y O U R   

C O N T E N T   ?

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