Some Ways To Showcase Your Work

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As any creative you can amass a lot of imagery and a bad habit a lot of us share (including myself) is to let them sit in our hard drives without any further use. As a photographer there are GBs worth of older work and whilst a big chunk could be filed away into the recycling bin hoever there's some successes you can sing about in various forms.  Showcasing your work can not only can give you a mental high-five for a job well done but in some cases push you out there to a bigger audience.Here are a few ideas to give your work more of a center stage, how do you get more out of your imagery? (Plus there's a discount for you at the end of this post)!


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Create An Online / Offline Portfolio

Whether for personal reasons or for business, updating your portfolio can be a great way to boost your confidence plus present a more coherent and fully formed voice to those who want to take a peek. It could have a theme or it could be more personal in nature, they can make great gifts for loved ones too if you want more of those little moments to send their way. Creating a more professional presence can take more time as not only do you have to consider colour, subject matter, theme, too much? or too little? but who the intended audience is. Other options include a dedicated online website, a blog to reveal all behind the scenes or add your own context or create your own book. 

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Print Postcards

Sometimes you're not quite ready for your work to be blown up onto a bigger scale but a good way to bring a smaller personal touch to your home or give you more capabilities to network with potential clients. If you're like me you can be drawn to the smaller prints as they're handy, maneuverable and can give a lot without being too overwhelming. If you sell physical products a free gift could be one of your photos with your info or a sweet message on the back - it could be posted physically. For your home it can be a wonderful way to have lots of little examples of your work dotted about the place bringing your accomplishments to the forefront on a daily basis.

Say Hello To Canvas Prints & Photowall

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Although we've spoken about about smaller prints having bigger prints of your work can be an amazing way to add more presence to your work and creating your own canvas print, which is where PhotoWall steps in. These folks allow you to choose from their vast array of possible designs and sizes but you can also choose your own image for printing, I chose one of their more minimal designs as 1. I wanted to improve my walls and 2. if me and the gent get a house there will be something to admire in our abode. If you're wanting an even bigger print like a whole wall for example even sections then they can also do that too. Both canvas print frames and wall murals need a bit of DIY but they've got that covered with easy to follow video tutorials for both which can be found here for prints and here for frames (which with my own experience took less than 30 mins to complete). 

If you're wanting a new addition to your wall be it your own stunning imagery or from the website, the folks at PhotoWall have given you a 20% discount code that lasts till the 30th March 2018 - just type in ...



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How Do You Get Even More Out Of Your Work?


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