Some Of My Recent Productivity Processes

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Some Of My Recent Productivity Processes (1).JPG

If you've been reading Not Copper Armour for a little while then you'll know that I'm always on the hunt for ways to improve my productivity levels (my spirit animal is a sloth for a reason). Productivity is such a fickle mistress, she can come out in certain seasons and moments then retreat in others plus it can be affected by so many personal factors, thoughts and feelings - that it can be an annoyance trying to pin it down. As I work term time I occasionally have a bit of spare time to attempt a trial and error system with my usual routines. Here are a few that I’ve found work for and that I need to continue so they become a more permanent fixture.

What have you been doing recently to alter your methods for the better? All tips are welcome!


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L I S T E N I N G   T O   

A N Y T H I N G   O T H E R   

T H A N   T V


My go to custom for when I want to be somewhat productive normally  entails putting on some mindless television program that I've seen before so I can tune it out and use it as pure background noise. However it can also be an all too easy distraction, as you try not to let the eyes wander … but they inevitably do. In an attempt to remedy this there have been 2 new additions that now take the TV's place, podcasts and a mindful app:


#01 || P O D C A S T S :

So many people, including my favourite creators have waxed lyrical about the joys and benefits of listening to podcasts. I've recently added to my Itunes:

'Y O U ' R E   N O T   T H E   B O S S   O F   M E' by Olivia Bossert

'L E T T E R S   F R O M   A   H O P E F U L   C R E A T I V E' By Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington

'T H E   C R E A T I V E   L E A P' by Cat Byrne

and already I'm hooked. At the minute I haven't perfectly married the idea of blogging / working and podcasts as if I'm honest I get too involved with the inspirational chat. Perhaps it’s the incredibly interesting exploration of the topics, maybe it’’s that I can’t fully engage with 2 things at once - whatever the reason I tend to use the app when scheduling links or tidying my room, small productive tasks that don't require in-depth thoughts. Since these have come into my life I have been doing slightly more with my time and blog in general. If like me you can’t master the thinking / writing / listening thing all at once then these podcasts are also the perfect accompaniment to walks and time out activities.


#02 || C A L M :

After I finished my purely 9-5 office role in March it became abundantly clear that I needed more ways to help with those anxious tendencies I have and 1 of them came in the form of the app 'C A L M'. It has now fast become one of my favourite apps because it has a whole library of ambient music that cater to whether you want to focus, relax or sleep and it has been a dream to zone out and be more mindful of my situation plus has genuinely cut out the distractions when blog post writing. What I adore is that you can download these tracks and listen to them where ever without a internet connection. These soothing or lively tones have done wonders for my day and mood in general. 


G E T T I N G   A W A Y   F R O M   T H E   C O M P U T E R


The online world is a wonderful place to be at times but if like me your job requires nearly 8 hours of looking at a screen then you're less likely to to come home and jump on your own computer for blogging - at least not without a mini rest for your peepers first. Whenever I can I try to keep parts of my blog offline like the planning stages and some admin so that physically it adds variety to the whole process but eases up on the eyes and body in general. At the moment I find Winter and Summer are the weakest seasons for my blog in terms of productivity levels, my body just isn’t a fan and in learning about how my body / mind works best has made me realise that yes business, brand and blogging things may be a little slower by taking time away from the laptop but I still need to be mindful of the quality I want to put out into the world. Taking a break break from things digital can add a bit more clarity to what you do want to say online plus gives you a chance to truly unplug.


8   H O U R S   O F   S L E E P 


During the working week I usually get approximately 5 hours but anyone who knows me well will know that I'm a girl who needs all the sleep to function properly. In the evening after said work day I'm often up late trying to get the most of the night hours to help my blog which leaves me with a later bedtime and if I'm honest it's probably not working nor healthy. After work it's a mixture of: got to get ahead of blogging / but I want to relax / I need to eat / and possibly shower / but there's links and social media to attend to - kind of mentality but I've learned that there's a need for a bit more focus and balance. Yes there may be some late nights to complete extra blogging commissions but it shouldn't have to be every day and night otherwise that does lead to the inevitable burn out - a word which no one wants to hear. I've enjoyed going to bed earlier and waking up naturally as it's giving me a slightly more 'can do' attitude.


Some Of My Recent Productivity Processes.JPG


H A V E   Y O U   D O N E   A N Y T H I N G   D I F F E R E N T L Y   T O   

I M P R O V E   Y O U R   P R O D U C T I V I T Y   ???


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