Some Favourite Photography Reads

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Whether you're a complete amateur or a seasoned professional it never hurts to leaf through the pages of a good book that speaks to your passions, for me it's of course photography. It doesn't all have to be about the technical aspects, it can embrace creativity, business and inspirations. Here are a few of my favourite reading materials related to photography, what are yours? Any recommendations?

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P L A Y I N G   T O   T H E   G A L L E R Y   

B Y   G R A Y S O N   P E R R Y

I will fully admit this first book choice is not specifically related to photography however it's an insightful funny look at the Art Establishment: it's history and what it means to be an artist in the current climate but also gives more meaning to Perry himself as an artist (a multi-media artist whose work can be seen as weird and wonderful to some). Regardless of whether your business is art related or you're a complete hobbiest who has an interest this is must read especially for those who are studying a related subject. It's not a complicated read and has an engaging voice behind it plus it's interspersed with Perry's own comic illustrations that can be somewhat cutting and witty, even if they may not be to your taste style-wise.

I N   C L O V E R  ( M A G A Z I N E )

This is not specifically for photographers but it's a slow-living lifestyle magazine that happens to have beautifully curated articles and images to fall head over heels for however there are pieces on tattooists, writers, illustrators and other creative makers, all of which have real charm and insight. This is great for embracing a variety of styles from different photographers coupled with thoughtful words attached. If you're looking for a coffee table alternative to read you couldn't go far with this.

T H E   T R U T H   

B Y   T E R R Y   P R A T C H E T T

My love of the Discworld from Terry Pratchett is truly eternal so when he created a strong secondary character Otto Chriek that has an all encompassing love of Photography - a vampire who has replaced blood lust for the capture of light (called iconography in the book), the master of wordplay also makes reference to a fair few photography techniques and how they help develop the story. Now I admit this book is not one for techniques and how tos but all with Pratchett's fantasy flair to boot. If you like a bit of a whodunit, conspiracy with humour a fun take on our world and mythical folklore character. This is choice may seem an odd one however because it denotes the importance of having  a passion for something it can be worthwhile read for him (but I adore this stand alone book anyway).

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T H E   A - Z   O F   V I S U A L   I D E A S   

B Y   J O H N   I N G L E D E W

I'm all for any kind of book that not only takes inspiration from a variety of places plus applies to all sorts of creativity - this is definitely one of those books. This read gives an indication of ways to not only boost your inventiveness but also helps you find a starting point with your own design brief even a more focused direction. It may not suit all occasions and everyone as a general blanket but it is a good read that has whole sections in how to cultivate your ideas through various means, it draws on past ideas from iconic creators but also includes imagery you may not have seen before. This is a must for any enthusiast but it's awesome to refer back to if you're feeling stuck in your work. 

 C A P T U R E   Y O U R   S T Y L E   

B Y   A I M E E   S O N G

Of late I've been really trying to push my Instagram and establish my own current style, it's been a very mixed bag not just from creation but on the statistics side too - in order to better my own understanding it was time to do some research. This book doesn't exactly break ground in terms of subject matter however it's good reference and guide with a friendly voice to all things Instagram. There's advice available on composition, feed layout, colour, technology, hashtags even ways to build a potential business from social media. A lot is covered in this book but it isn't a heavy read and the sections are relatively short, I found it an inspiring read during my lunch break at work and it was a welcome escape especially as Song paints a very positive, colourful and picturesque vibe throughout the book. If you're looking to gain a bit more focus and confidence in how you compose your Instagram feed this is a solid choice and Song does really know her stuff. 


W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   F A V O U R I T E   P H O T O G R A P H Y   

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