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For just under a month I've been battling illness with either flu or cold it hasn't been my most attractive moment however it has meant taking things a little slower and finding new loves in old ones. Taking some time away (even if reluctantly) can give a much needed release from constantly working away doing your best busy bee impression. Here are some of my current lifestyle loves that have been giving me real joy, what have you been enjoying of late?

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# F R E E L A N C E O O T D   & 

 # W I N T E R 1 0 x 1 0

Of late I've been really trying to work on my style, as I'm currently trying hard to save the pennies and not add to my wardrobe to be more in line with my minimalist goals. So to not only take in fresh inspiration on how to style and to find more breathtaking accounts I've bee following @leevoburgh for her winter section section of her original 10x10 challenge and the freelanceootd hashtag is for fellow creatives who may need a push to try more with their style instead of reaching for the same easy clothing choices. As I also work in an office it's been an experiment to balance my everyday style with a slightly more professional setting plus take into account my tiny bank balance to boot. As the sun is making a steady return to the seasonal forecast (yes!) it also marks more availability and more time to take pictures of said outfits and venture outside for adventures.

N I G H T S   W I T H   N E T F L I X 

Me, my lemsip, snotty tissues and my blankets have had a fair few nights just relaxing and trying to recover which means it's been the perfect time to find programs to obsess over, now although a lot of my latest choices aren't new it's good to completely unplug from everything. When you're feeling sorry for yourself sometimes the old reliables are the best but now I'm coming out of my poorly period it's time to introduce a few new films and tv programs to my repertoire. What have you been watching & loving just recently?




U L T I M A T E   B E A S T M A S T E R



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J U L I E   &   J U L I A



Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.jpg

M I S S   F I S H E R ' S   M U R D E R   


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H A V I N G   M I N I   

P E R S O N A L   P R O J E C T S

As I work the 9-5 role with commuting time as well, it doesn't leave a lot of time for myself let alone trying to take this blog to the next level and make a start on all those ideas I just can't shake. As my time is so precious I've had to lessen my output on here to find some balance between the planning stages and what I can do with quality plus have time for me so I don't burn out which could put me further behind on my goals. Whilst it's frustrating to not be where I want in my blogging journey something I've been really enjoying is working towards putting certain plans in motion this includes making my own project book to work from, it's been good to have my own creative thing to work on and research. Something I'm consistently on the hunt for is knowledge especially in a field I care about so working on this has been a dream and it's really helped me refine and work through my potential ideas and when it will be best to attempt them.

A D D I N G   M O R E   S H A R K S 

It's no secret at all that some of my favourite animals are Sharks (apart from cats) they are such amazing beasts that I'll happily watch all the programs (see above) and add related trinkets to my living space, with my nearest and dearest they know they're on to a winner if they purchase shark presents. The latest items added to my ever growing collection is this shark key ring from New Look and this shark pin from Robot Dance Battle to add some accessory cute contrast to my minimal wardrobe. Forever more sharks please.


W H A T   L I F E S T Y L E   L O V E S   H A V E   Y O U   B E E N   O B S E S S E D   W I T H ?


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