Some Amazing Podcasts To Help With Motivation

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If you've read my post on 'How I'm Trying To Be A Supportive Blogger' you'll know that I've been embracing listening to podcasts to push my productivity to new heights but it's also helped with my motivation to get up and actually do those things I've thought I couldn't do. Whilst it's a complete work in progress for my processes, there are some incredibly interesting podcasts out there that are specifically tailored to helping and inspiring creative folks get going with passion projects. Here are some brilliant soundtracks for your ears, what podcasts have you been listening to?


Letters From A Hopeful Creative - Some Amazing Podcasts To Help With Motivation

Letters From A Hopeful Creative

By Jen Carrington and Sara Tasker

Both of these ladies are folks I greatly respect for their knowledge and passion in their respective fields plus I've followed both for a long time. Jen Carrington is a creative coach and Sara Tasker is an instagram coach, they've joined forces to answer those questions and fears we all have as creatives whilst we're trying to make room for more happiness in our lives (whatever that looks like on a personal level). They answer in the form of an advice column and really explore the concepts they've been given by the latest audience members letter. I often find myself stopping my work to really get involved in what they're discussing, it's an in-depth, inspiring look, some of the topics we may be a little nervous to bring up, which is full of understanding and awesome, practical tips. This is a podcast I can see myself returning to again and again as it's full of advice all with a welcoming tone.

 - My current favourite episode is 'When You have A Blog But Not A Business Yet'.


The Creative Leap Podcast - Some Amazing Podcasts To Help With Motivation

The Creative Leap

By Cat Bryne

There are so many voices out there and there is not 1 version of what a creative looks like (whether you're full time, part time or a pure hobbiest) plus there are so many different niches we can fall into. Cat Bryne, originator of this podcast is a website and brand designer who has worked What I liked about 'Creative Leap' is that it's basically a friendly chat with a prominent person in a certain field about their process, the good, the bad and how they run their unique business from photographers, to website designers and creative coaches (plus many more). What I also enjoyed about this podcast is that their stories are all different and some folks simply fell into their creative route and business purely by accident but that it takes hard work to maintain it. Regardless of whether you want to create your own business or not, there are so many paths to success and some can take a little longer than others.

 - My current favourite episode is 'Polly Vadasz - Illustrator & Product Designer'


Youre Not The Boss Of Me Podcast - Some Amazing Podcasts To Help With Motivation


By Olivia Bossert

A creator I've been following for a while is this talented lady, Olivia Bossert, who is a photographer and instagram story extraordinaire who has a passion for pushing her art but helping others in their quest to reach their goal. My most recent podcast choice is this, which is a mixture of interviewing other accomplished folks that center around a certain topics (Season 1) plus practical photography tips (Season 2). This is a podcast all about becoming your own boss, whether you want to get away from the 9-5 or pursue your own creative endeavours in your own way, here's a podcast that can explore those ideas surrounding this.

 - My current favourite episode is 'The Secret Weapon Within Business With Jen Carrington'


Some other podcasts I'm excited to try:

 #01 || Hashtag Authentic By Sara Tasker

 #02 || Grow With Soul By Kayte Ferris

 #03 || The One Girl Band By Lola Hoad

 #04 || Make It Happen By Jen Carrington


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What are you currently listening to?

Please let me know of any other great creative / business podcasts out there


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