Routines To Help Embrace Creativity

Routines To Help Embrace Creativity

Finding time in the day to indulge in even a little bit of creativity can be tough, especially if you're just trying to fit it all in with work, commute, family, run a house and sleep however self care is an important element to your wellbeing. I've found that one of the best ways to cultivate a bit of time is to slowly build in tiny routines that can be molded around you and your lifestyle so it hopefully becomes a welcome habit. Here are just a few ways I'm trying my really hard to include more of that creativity in my current schedule. How do you do it? Any tips to share?


Get Up Early Or Stay Up Late

It's well established that many of us either fall into 1 of 2 categories, the early birds or the night owls - knowing when we're most naturally motivated can help our productivity levels as it is when our bodies feel more in tune. However the 9-5 that we have to do to pay those bills doesn't take that into consideration so we have to find some way to work around our predicament of getting the most out of our creative work yet getting the dosh into the bank (whilst hopefully finding happiness in your job role). For me, I'm more of a night owl and I always have been however I know if I stay up really late doing blog work I'm tired the next day for work. During the week I tend to burn the candle at both ends to fit in blogging as well but after lessening my blog schedule and making more use out of my imagery it's a custom I'm trying to curtail and make room for sleep / more reading so I can have a fresh perspective the next day.



Warm Up

Any skill whether it be mental or physical needs exercise, more so the better as it can be nurtured and therefore become more sophisticated in terms of growth. Warming up before you begin the big project or a piece of work can get the creative juices flowing and imbue your work with positive energy. If you're an illustrator it could be doing some basic sketching to practice the strokes you wish to use, if you're a photographer you can practice with angles, composition or shutter speeds. Warming up can be an important aspect as 99% of great things don't happen on the 1st try, maybe the 2nd or 3rd? Even more?


Routines To Help Embrace Creativity

Practice Saying 'No'

No is something we find hard to say, maybe it's me being on the shyer side of things, maybe in this regard I am a stereotypical Brit but the thought of letting someone down can be tough to take. As a creative sometimes (especially in the beginning) you may accept work you wouldn't normally do as it's not as enjoyable or slightly more constricting than you like or you place other responsibilities above your own happiness or passions. When we actually say 'no' it can be liberating in a lot of ways, it can mean you're not willing to accept low pay, disrespect for your work or a disregard for your wellbeing as a human / creative etc but it can also mean when you say 'yes' you put emphasis on your choices and all the good things that can occur. Sometimes it's about cultivating a balance between the 'yay' jobs and the not quite as fun jobs.


Routines To Help Embrace Creativity

Connect With Other Cultures

One thing I do credit university for is truly helping me to explore other types of art and build my critical thinking processes behind art pieces plus how to respond to such works. They could be from another artistic field, culture, subject matter and perspective - anywhere - to study these concepts at an in-depth level can push you to work harder in your own artistic beliefs and style.


Just As Important Extras :

#01 || Keep A Note Book Beside Your Bed - For any & all ideas

#02 || Take A Nap - You can feel really refreshed & ready to go

#03 || Carve Time Out For Yourself - We all need those moments to assimilate the day & our thoughts

#04 || Start Your Big Goal List Now - Writing them down on paper (no matter how insane) can give you motivation


What advice would you give to someone trying to embrace every bit of creativity?


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