On Being A Lone Wolf & A Homebody

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I do not currently work from home (at the minute it's very much a pipe dream) however I am someone who revels in their own time and would much prefer staying at home rather than being sociable - which is why I treasure what I time I can get alone. In some cases being a lone wolf or homebody are traits that could be associated with introvertism, whilst it's true for me it may not be for others. So here are some thoughts on being a lover of your own company and why it's a good thing. Are you someone who seeks out others for an energy boost or are you content in your own space?


A T   H O M E   D O E S N ' T   M E A N   B O R I N G

Some folks equate home to rules, restrictions, noise and a lack of space - which is totally understandable if like me there is more than 1 child in the house (and some of these are cute nephews and nieces!). However for me doing your own thing at home means you can decide the fun plus it can save the pennies instead of paying for other outdoor activities. As children we were brought up to appreciate what was available and often made our own games or got busy creating artistic bits and pieces, now as an adult my idea of fun looks a little different but no less engaging - from photography, reading, film watching or eating - yum. What some might find boring I really enjoy and vice versa.  As you get older you can feel more settled in your sense of self and are ready to revel in them plus things change as you get older and your nights out may become less and less however those folks who continue to let their hair down regardless of age - I salute you. Home = all the good stuff including food.


On Being A Lone Wolf & A Homebody

S O M E T I M E S   Y O U   H A V E   T O   B E   


Now I've gotten older my needs and wants as person are more defined plus I would say I know myself a lot better than in comparison to 10 years ago, an important aspect for me is taking time for myself to do the things I appreciate. It's an element of self care that we sometimes forget as we're too lost in work or too nervous to voice, as it can seem selfish. There's no doubt it is selfish but why is that a bad thing? If you've been the busiest of bees at work all day with deadlines, emails, projects and less than savoury work colleagues you're entitled a bit of time (even if it's half an hour) to demand a bit of breathing space for yourself. Over time I'm slowly making my loved ones know more forcefully (but hopefully not rudely) that actually there are some things that are important to me like time for blogging, like time to step away as things need a bit more time to process. Whatever you need to feel whole in yourself is a learning process for you as well as your nearest and dearest.


I T ' S   N O T   L O N E L Y

People assume that just because you spend a lot of time alone you're must automatically be lonely, that simply isn't the case. You can feel lonely for a whole plethora of reasons, even when you're out in a big crowd. Yes, you can feel that pang of loneliness when you work for home or spend huge amounts of time away from social interaction as it feels like there's something you're missing in that moment (or for longer more extended periods of time) but being a lone wolf can allow you to revel in your alone time. Personally I've always adored my alone time, I can get cabin fever when I spend too long indoors but even then I can take myself on a solo walk and it brightens my mood instantly. There's no validation needed by other people in my happiness levels, it just means you like some activities by yourself plus in some cases it means you value, enjoy and treasure the conversations / hours you do have with others.



S O M E   P E O P L E   N E E D   S P A C E   T O   

T H R I V E   &   R E C H A R G E


I, like many people, identify as an introvert - it's not convenient and it's certainly not easy but it's a fact. My energy gets depleted whilst being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds and that's only 1 example, I find that physically and mentally I need the time alone to recharge my levels and get back to feeling like me again. The science behind extrovertism and introvertism is absolutely fascinating and there are some possible theories that suggest it's to do with our in-built levels of arousal and how responsive our bodies are to physiological stimulation - neither is better or worse it's just our happiness comes from different things or situations. When we're in the sanctity of our own space it can help some folks to bloom, for example with our changing job environment more and more people are starting businesses from their bedroom which is such a brilliant achievement! Forcing yourself to be around others when you're not in the right frame of mind it's always a bundle of joy but if you have to for work or family, it's about finding a balance with your time alone - sometimes you're a better human for others and yourself when you're allowed some precious moments that are all your own.

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A R E   Y O U   A   S O C I A L   B U T T E R F L Y   O R   A   

L O N E   W O L F   ???


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