On Being A Creative & Fitting In Rest & Sleep

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Regardless of what artistic medium you use or when you can find the time to devote to your passions, it can mean essentially balancing creativity with everything else in your life - which can be tough especially as there are certain but necessary aspects you need to work around. As we're often so busy sometimes active rest can be pushed aside for 'another day'. Serious nourishment can be gained from making things off your own steam and ideas but we still need to get away and clear our minds to come back with even more motivation. Here are only a ways to find rest whilst you're busy setting up you own business, creating new work or just trying to have it all without busting a gut.

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W o r k   I n   S e a s o n s

At the moment I'm unable to have or even practice an half on,half off routine as I'm bound by the 9-5 rut however a technique that works for some is to define and separate your year into seasons. Some creatives I follow have for example a 6 months working period and the rest of the year is spent planning and resting but there are so many other variations on this that if you have the luxury to plan your own schedule then you can build your own routine. Doing this allows you to still work hard but also gives you a cut off point and deliberate time away.

O u t s o u r c e   H e l p

If you have a lot of life and business categories to juggle all at once, there's no shame in taking the pressure off by asking for help and easing those overwhelming feelings that can occur. Having someone else, who you trust in their job, can help free up essential space in your big ol' brain and give you a fresh perspective with more breathing space. It's possible that because you're a busy beaver some things can be overlooked including your physical and mental well being. Some folks you can ask to join your team or hire to help you could include:

 - Photographer

 - Accountant

 - Join classes to help your understanding

 - Personal Assistant

 - Fitness Instructor

 - Social Media Coordinator

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P r a c t i c e M i n d f u l n e s s

&  F o c u s   O n   T h e   G o o d

When we pack up on a Friday evening sometimes it's all too simple to focus on what went wrong and why the weekend can't come soon enough however stopping to think about what went well can sometimes turn your mood around. For me the majority of my creativity has to happen at the weekend so as well as continuing to blog, plan and build a solid grounding behind it so the big shifts and changes aren't common. However as I've been trying to challenge myself in other lifestyle areas and work on how I approach things (working on a few of my negative thoughts) but this has also affected my numbers - thanks to a very slight adjustment there's been some improvement. 

S m a l l   w a y s   t o   f i n d   r e s t :

#01 || Work out your own sleep pattern - you don't have to have 8 hours or even at night

#02 || Plan out your week and purposely make time for yourself (whatever that means)

#03 || Make sure to incorporate tasks that are enjoyable in amongst those that aren't so fun

#04 || Create small effective chunks of work that are manageable


H o w   d o   y o u   b a l a n c e   e v e r y t h i n g   

&   f i n d   r e s t ?


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