Non Techy Blogging Essentials

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If you run a blog or any online space then you'll have your own way of doing things, including what you class as necessities that you can't be without when working and what you don't, all of which can change in an instant. Personally, I like to keep some elements in my routine as it means they aren't solely rooted in the online arena plus not being technology related will add more variety and can give you a break for your health. Here are a few of my much needed essentials that don't need the interference of technology, what are your blog & business fundamental items that you need for productivity?

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Note Pad & Pens

It's no secret that me and stationary have been on a fully fledged love affair for years and I've acquired so much that I'm set for a long time but having these near me at all times is good not only for blog related note but for generic lifestyle thoughts too. Generally I'm a happy chappie with a notepad that is as cheap as chips which I'm incredibly happy to throw in my bag and write whenever the moment takes me including when I'm on my break for the 9-5 role or late at night but still want to keep up the productivity without a laptop. Notepads are such great versatile items and I'm currently using mine to:

#01 || Leave by my bedside for when late night light bulb ideas appear

#02 || To write up the next blog post & plan out the gist of what I want to say

#03 || Organise a blogging monthly calendar

#04 || Create bigger to-do lists that needs more detail

#05 || Copy up notes into a bigger, better format


Inspirational / Fun Postcards

When you're working hard to push your own online space it can be a lonely environment to work in as for a lot of the time it's you and your laptop, having something to give you a motivational boost and respite from typing away at a screen. For me, I don't have a dedicated work space and my desk is facing a window meaning I can't hang anything but propped up and around my desk are not only a few postcards but also little trinkets. Currently I have floating about my space postcards, rubber ducks and funko pop characters and although I'd love to live that truly minimal life I can't be without those items that have sentimental value attached to them or have the power to bring a little positivity and a smile to the day.

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The Blog Book

Something new that has recently been incorporated into my workings is to build my own handy blog book that is full of inspirational imagery coupled with current blog post ideas, it's a constant work in progress but one that can be carried anywhere to fill them gaps when you're stuck on your train of thought. It's slowly being filled with multiple images from my favourite artists, instagrammers, bloggers, photographers - in fact any other kind of creative but it's also a place for all kinds of last minute blog thoughts.

Comfy Clothes

Sometimes what we wear can go unnoticed as it can seem so natural to grab whatever is nearest at hand including pjs but when working it's imperative to wear not only what makes you feel comfortable but productive too especially if you're being the busy bee off your own steam. Thanks to Olivia Bossert's new instagram hashtag #freelanceootd it's inspired me to actually try dressing for the day even on the weekends, even when the only the only plans are to work on your online space. 


What are your essential non-tech objects?


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