New Routines In Creativity I’m Embracing

New Routines In Creativity I’m Embracing

I am passionate about creativity so much so that I’m forever trying to refine or find new things that spark my interest, which is why I want to start the conversation about finding the time / inspiration into pursuing our outlets, sometimes that isn’t always possible as we get lost in life admin and other necessities. We forget that creativity can play a part in every facet of our lives and it isn’t just about artists making magic, it’s about finding elements of self-care that can really help us in the long run that fit in with our current routines. With my new job role I’m determined to build on and address some activities that bring me real joy so that it can also benefit my productivity. How do you find little moments for your outlets and imagination?


A type of art I’ve found fascinating (and loved) for a number of years is origami, it can make an ordinary piece of paper and transform into so many interesting shapes. I’m not sure what prompted it but finally I took the plunge and bought a basic book (found here) plus the colourful paper materials to start making (found here) which hardly cost anything. Whenever there’s a spare couple of minutes or just before before bed it’s a small, mindful task that allows me to learn something new at my own pace. (As you can see my penguin attempt made it in to this post.)


I’m a little ashamed to say that I only discovered the beauty of podcasts a couple of months ago, since pressing subscribe to ‘Letters To A Hopeful Creative‘ (my 1st official podcast listen) there have been so many glorious new additions some of which I’ve spoken about in a previous blog post - namely Amazing Podcasts To Help With Motivation. They’ve helped tremendously with my confidence in creating the content I want, clarity in my potential brand, finding my productivity and all with some amazing advice or simple but influential conversations. These can be the perfect accompaniment to my daily to-and-from work walks (but I also balance this with listening to the ambient sounds of the Calm app for a gentler morning), room tidies, morning routines and blog admin.

New Routines In Creativity I’m Embracing
New Routines In Creativity I’m Embracing


Generally most people fall into either 1 of 2 categories, the early birds or the night owls - being aware of when you naturally work more effectively can really benefit your passions when you’re in sync with the optimum conditions. The traditional ‘9-5‘ job role does not take our natural body clocks (or personalities) into consideration which can be a little difficult when you’re attempting to balance other life areas but you don’t have unlimited energy to share around. If you, like me are trying to build your own side plans (this online space being 1 of) sometimes you have to take things a little slower and be more mindful to avoid a burnout. Maybe you work better later or very early in the day. It’s possible you work best later or earlier in the week. Perhaps you work better in seasons. For me I want to be more intuitive and in sync with my timings, hopefully it’ll be a work smarter mindset not harder.


I’m fully aware that I make no money from my creative passions so (unfortunately) it makes more sense to put more energy into my job as they are paying my wage / lifestyle, previously I would stay up till silly o’clock in the morning to complete more blog work but it wasn’t effective as it would produce lesser content and it meant there was no real rest. It’s taken a while but I’ve come to accept that I can’t do it all so for my mental health, blog and job there’s got to be more planning plus better sleep patterns.

How Do you squeeze in a bit of creativity into your daily routines ???

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