New Additions To The Behind The Scenes Of The Blog

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Of late I've been doing a few things differently and whilst they are small things they have actually made quite a big impact, call me a sucker but this lazy girl is always looking for ways to streamline how I work and save myself time. Here's an honest post about what's new around these parts on Not Copper Armour. What have you recently incorporated into your blogging routines be it a new camera? New design? New Mantras? Anything that has added to your success.



After finally giving in and actually looking into Buffer, I feel ashamed to admit it but I have been doing links wrong since the beginning - my previous process was convoluted and long winded so much so that I'd often do links last minute or not at all. In my post KEEPING THE BLOG PRODUCTIVE (EVEN ON DOWN DAYS) (found here), it discusses that creating links was my least favourite blogging thing to do. Before I used both TinyURL and Tweetdeck in conjunction with my Twitter profile. Whilst it's a great starter Tweetdeck does have it's limitations and for a while I've been ready for an alternative system to scheduling links. Buffer has been the light at the end of the tunnel, even though I'm just using the free package, already it's proven it's weight in gold as it has halved my link time plus allows me to link multiple images / pages in advance that I wasn't before. Basically this is a vehicle for me to wax lyrical about the Buffer button and why I should've welcomed this revelation sooner.

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N E W   I M A G E   L A Y O U T

Ahead of the rebrand (that I'm determined will happen this year even if the process has seemed everlasting) I've been tweaking a few things to experiment with and one of them happens to be how I present my images in blog posts. Although there's more work to be done I've been playing with sizing so it adds a bit more creativity in a simplistic way, adds more breathing space but also allows me more opportunity to include more imagery as I want this site to be a visual space. Currently there is the slight hiccup in that the formatting on Bloglovin' and Squarespace don't always sit well with each other making some ideas not as polished as I'd like (hopefully it's not as off putting as it is annoying). There's still work to be done and more playing but like most things it's a work in progress.

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T H E   ' D O N ' T   R U S H '   


I am the kind of gal who not only doesn't always like to be rushed but who likes to plan so that all her ducks are in a row so that I don't have a last minute scramble nor scrimp on quality. Shockingly I can and do hustle but that is a very different kettle of fish to rushing as this can be when mistakes are more likely to happen it's also when you're more likely to put out content you're less than happy with. Whilst I want more 'success' (whatever that means on an individual basis) with this spot on the internet I also want it to work for me and my lifestyle. So I'm learning to take a step back and accept that right now I can't do it all to the high standards I'm looking for, if I'm later on my next blog post instead of worrying it's about putting into practice that if it's not what I want then try not to stress so much. In my post CREATING MORE MINDFUL CONTENT (read here) I spoke about finding a happier balance and these are some of the practicalities. It blows my mind that some talented folks can work full time, have a full time blog, look after a family and generally be a functioning human because this girl can't.


W H A T ' S   N E W   T O   Y O U R   C R E A T I V E   P R O C E S S   ??

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