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At the end of the day a great feeling is to truly switch off on the sofa with snacks and good TV, of late I've been hunting for new ways to find inspiration and Netflix has become my savour. There are so many great documentaries and shows out there that can add not only to your artistic work but get you thinking, I thought I'd share just a few of the influential shows that have struck a chord. What other TV shows and films would you advise other creatives to watch? (Regardless of genre.)



Necessary TV For Creatives - Abstract

Have you ever wondered what another artist(s) style or medium and process looks like? This is an absolutely stunning bit of TV that delves into 8 creatives from very different walks of life that are arguably at the top of their game. With each episode at 48 minutes long it's not quite an in-depth essay dissection of their life and work but it does briefly cover their past works, career defining moments, influences, criticisms and processes. The editing is sublime and each episode has a slightly different aesthetic to match the likeness of the chosen artist on display as we not only follow a bit of their daily routine but also 1 of the current works in progress. The current season 1 on Netflix takes a look at:

#01 || Christoph Niemann: Illustration

#02 || Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Design

#03 || Es Devlin: Stage Design

#04 || Bjarke Ingels: Architecture

#05 || Ralph Gilles: Automotive Design

#06 || Paula Scher: Graphic Design

#07 || Platon: Photography

#08 || Ilse Crawford: Interior Design

This is such a worthwhile and inspiring program to invest in as it highlights the idea of great design regardless of art medium. This program appeals so much to as it discusses how the artists keep going and what motivates them - let alone their beautiful masterpieces in their own right.

Necessary TV For Creatives - Bake Off


B A K E   O F F 

I admit this may seem like a joke curve ball as it is more entertainment based however bear with me, this is primarily a show to celebrate technique, design and most of all passion. This is a show that has become an almost British institution but has emigrated across the way, in this we watch as 12 contestants are slowly whittled down and judged on their execution of their progressively harder baking challenges set by Mary Berry (writer and cook) and Paul Hollywood (baker). Yes, this program is fun and so addictive it hurts (my gent has since decreed that I can no longer watch any more series' on Netflix as it is now on our joint TV list and must be watched together) but it's also pretty wonderful when you get to see the end result of each test in all it's glory. The disasters, successes, creativity and the real characters on their truly make it.


M O V I N G   A R T

Moving Art is a very different kettle of fish in comparison to the previous Netflix choices in this selection, directed by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg he brings us 6 episodes in each season, the first season is mainly about different landscapes such as oceans, forest and deserts etc whilst the second season focuses specific countries such as Iceland and Big Sur. What makes this TV program interesting is that this has no dialogue and puts an emphasis on the relationship between the environment and humans especially with his use of his pioneering technique of high-end time lapses. It is so beautiful and simple that this is the perfect thing to watch if you really want to disconnect, for me I've taken to having this as background for my photography and occasional blog planning, sometimes it's the gentle music that gets me other times it'll be the cinematography both are to die for. Sometimes it's good not to have someone else talk to you as you work even if you want a bit of company. Admittedly this isn't a fast paced adrenaline filled bit of film making but that isn't it's purpose, if you're a fan of Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Life this could be for you if you want some time out.

Necessary TV For Creatives - Moving Art
Necessary TV For Creatives - Tales By Light


T A L E S   B Y   L I G H T

As you know photography is my jam, National Geographic have created a documentary that follows various professional photographers on their journey to create an image that speaks to an audience. Be it underwater landscapes or capturing almost extinct tribes of people we get to see a whole range of perspectives not only from the photographer and how they view the world but the subjects themselves and how they live. My personal favourites are of course the underwater, ocean aspects but there are so many other climates and habitats to fall head over heels for. This is about the equipment, interaction and creating the 'perfect moment'. This is a show I would not only recommend to photographers but other creatives as well as it's so engrossing, these folks are passionate about what they do and forms their message.




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