My Summer Goals For The Blog

Summer Goals For The Blog
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Here in the UK we're currently experiencing what seems like a never-ending summer, which is a good thing as it's synonymous with sun, more skin making an appearance and the possibilities of holidays however now we're all adults there's a lot more work needed to pay those bills. As yet I've still got to establish some kind of balance between my new intense job role and my pure passion project of the blog, over the Summer whilst I have some time off it's the perfect excuse to experiment with this process. Over the Summer there are some goals I wish to tackle and get a better handle on especially for the blog which has taken a back seat of late. What goals do you have during this season?


B U I L D   A   S E A S O N A L   W O R K   P L A N

When I first read about the idea of seasonal working, many moons ago, it didn't quite compute (as in theory you could work hard all year and get all the output including the paycheck) but as I've gotten older, gained more experience in the working world, had jobs that really don't fulfill my needs, try and squeeze in my creativity where possible ... well you can completely understand why you wouldn't want a full year of work especially if your main income doesn't bring you joy. It's not all about money, it's about finding that harmony between what you want and what you need to support yourself (mentally and physically). It makes sense that we all have motivational peaks and troughs throughout the year as there are so many factors that can make a difference to our mood, making the most out of those good times can really benefit your happiness in the long run and you can use the quieter moments to unplug, find time for you so you can recharge and come back stronger. As I now work on a term basis I've got to be a bit more cunning with how I use my time so that I don't burnout but also give as much as I can to my actual paying job and my blog / photography (which doesn't pay anything), although this could mean significant changes to how things look around here including my usual routines but it's something to test.

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B U I L D   A   B A C K L O G   O F   



In loosely following on from the above section and to help combat those feelings of frustration when I can't quite muster creating a new blog post and using my time effectively, I've learnt from experience that it's better to schedule ahead of time so it's not so overwhelming when an upcoming deadline approaches (no matter how small) however the hardest part is actually putting fingers to keyboard. As I've got a few weeks without the full time role to consider it's a great opportunity to get my butt into gear and stop procrastinating. Another reason to push a little harder is that it feels so satisfying to look at what you've made and know you're a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, knowing that if you feel a certain planned post doesn't quite fit you can move things around without the worry.





G E T   B A C K   O N   T R A C K   W I T H   R E L A U N C H

During March of this year I started the humongous task of attempting to rebrand my website, if you've tried such an undertaking you'll know it's not just about creating pretty pictures - there's a whole lot of understanding needed behind the scenes of the brand to make it successful such as what you (and the audience) need, want and what you can physically achieve at the minute. It's a very time consuming activity and of course you want to make it the best version you possibly can and whilst you need the breathing space to see if the ideas work however sometimes you need to just get on - this is the part I'm not so assertive on. I would consider myself a 'finisher' rather than a 'starter' so broaching a new project is something I find difficult to complete at times but the only person to get traction on my blog is me so things have to change. Now I actually have a few weeks of 'play' it's time to make tracks on 1 of my actual yearly goals.


Summer Goals For The Blog

K E E P   U P   T O   D A T E   

W I T H   S O C I A L   M E D I A   


We can't get away from the fact that if you want to build any kind of audience for your product / blog / brand then the best way is to make use of social media, for me when I let my instagram, twitter and pinterest links slide my numbers take a huge dive. It's well known around these parts of the internet that curating links on a daily basis is my least favourite thing to do although I've found a better solution through the use of Buffer, it is the first thing to fall by the wayside when I'm feeling overwhelmed and tired. I'm always tweaking my routine so that I can get back on track and this summer will be no different.



W H A T   A R E   Y O U R   G O A L S   F O R   T H E   S U M M E R ???

H O W   D O   Y O U   S T A Y   O N   T O P   ???


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