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This year I want to try be more mindful of what I put out there into the internet / universe in general which does mean giving back to my inspirations and the blogging community. As a creative I think it's important to be a part of whatever gang you associate with even if it's through the tiniest means, for me I like to occasionally pass the love forward by waxing lyrical about some of the amazing content that's available to take motivation from. Here are just a few blog posts I've adored from across the internet and all of them cover very different subject matters.


U N F A N C Y  -

M Y   S U M M E R   C O L O U R   


It's well known about these parts that I don't keep up to date with the latest fashion trends but what I can get behind is the concept of personal style, it's such an interesting and personal journey to undertake plus there are so many outlets for improving your sartorial choices. The  idea of creating a wardrobe that works together instead of having all the clothes for every season is something that really appeals to me so I'm open to all kinds of solution and with this post I found another one. This post talks about using a colour family and creating a non-restrictive wardrobe plus also giving us an incredibly simple but stylish examples. What I love about this post is that whilst it does take a bit of consideration in the beginning it doesn't require necessarily buying new items but building a palette you're happy which can make every piece bring something to the table.


 K A T E   L A   V I E   -

O U R   N E W   Y O R K   


Whilst a wedding is no where near on the cards for me yet I do like to see how others spent and captured their big day, it's a day of pure joy and is a good bit of escapism gazing at another's happiness plus can give a little bit of inspiration and if your feeling stuck for ideas. I really loved this post as it really sang about having a smaller more intimate wedding and whilst others prefer a big bash surrounded by everyone they love for some it's all about just celebrating the day with a select few. From the beautiful imagery to the little details (and the big details like eloping to New York) of the day, it's just a great bit of postivity to boost your day.

Photos by Phil Chester


A blog post like this could not be without some kind of photography related snippet, this time it's a fun take on food photography and creates an incredible final piece to showcase your repertoire on savvy set ups. The video easily guides you through how to do it, admittedly there's lots of wire and balancing acts but the process behind it is fairly simple plus after you've tidied away your behind the scenes contraption well there could be a yummy sandwich in it too. What I like about this (literally 5 minute) video is that it's relatable and easy to replicate if you have the time to spare but what it also offers is practical skills which can be applied to other subject matter too.

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T E S S A   H O L L Y   -

S N A P S H O T S   F R O M   


Even after all this time loving the subject of photography there are still folks I follow who I genuinely look forward to when a post of their's goes live, Tessa is one such lady as her posts are always a delight. Her blog is a mixture of style, travel and photography, her perfectly composed outfits are always in front of stunning landscapes. Tessa often creates little videos of her travels as an accompaniment that give precedence to those little quite moments that we sometimes over look when we're immersed in the hustle and bustle. Her photography is something I admire, it's inviting and truly captures the scale and beauty of her surroundings. Her work isn't overdone but it's effective and speaks for itself - plus highlights the point that there's a lot of beautiful sights to be found around Britain. 



F R O M   R O S E S -   

A N   H O N E S T   C H A T   

A B O U T   P E R S O N A L   

S T Y L E   


H O W   M I N E   H A S   


As stated in the first paragraph, blog posts about personal style are something I love to pore over and it's admiring to watch so many other folks dance to the beat of their drum when it comes to their sense of expression. This post has a different angle of fashion as it's a personal look on how it can change throughout the years - it can show what influences clothes choices change, what routine they take and what other influences can make a difference. Rebecca is a lady I've followed for years (and someone I even studied with) so it's incredible to get an watch someone's style evolve, even better that this post highlights that a lot goes on behind the scenes that an audience hardly ever sees which can make a big difference to what items of clothes we pick for the day. 


W H A T   O N L I N E   C O N T E N T   H A S   S T R U C K   A   

C H O R D   W I T H   Y O U   ???


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