How Rebranding Helped Me & Saying Hello To #coppercreativity

How Rebranding Helped Me & Saying Hello To #coppercreativity

After deciding to rebrand my site very early in 2018, it was 1 of the few yearly goals I set myself and I took it incredibly seriously: reading brilliant books, planned in my sketchbook, procrastinated / worried over the final details then decided to get over my fear and release it. When it was time to press publish you finally realise why it was all worth it and all the good things that can come from reaching your end goal. Here are just a few reasons why rebranding was a good move for me, have you rebranded recently? Are you planning a rebrand? What have you learnt from your experience(s)?

How Rebranding Helped Me & Saying Hello To #coppercreativity

#01 || The Weight Is Off

Although there can be a huge joy to be had in physically creating your own personal project but there’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you finally reach the end of your goal (well until you return to it later on and work on the next stage of it’s evolution). When you release your product, thought or plan into the wild it can feel like you can take a deep breath and relax - sometimes after what can feel like months. You can put so much pressure on yourself to make your newest idea the best it can possibly be and the fear that it may not work out is a real hurdle to over come mentally but the satisfaction you can get from knowing you did it can make your week 10x better. Immediately after you say hello to your new creation it’s the perfect time to slow down and take a moment to bask in your achievements.

#02 || Clarity With Where You’re Heading

Usually the reason behind a rebrand is that you’re ready for the next step in your journey or that your visuals don’t quite match up with your current thoughts. Whether your design is having a tune up or a completely new face it can still affect how you see your site meaning your content maybe a little mismatched for a while. Despite moving to Squarespace in 2017 and then giving Not Copper Armour a spruce up, unfortunately it quickly became apparent that what I thought I wanted and what I wanted to offer were 2 very different things - things didn’t quite fit. Doing this has added more direction and more scope with what I want to accomplish with this site and my online presence.

#03 || It’s Given Me An Escapism

Despite the fact there are so many beautiful design voices out there, the fact is I do not have the money as yet to splurge on a whole new look so it all has to be done by me, myself and I - which inevitable means it’ll take a little longer than if I hired another party into the process. Creating a sketchbook solely dedicated to my project was a dream as it took me back to my fun creative educational years and allowed me to have something away from a screen that I could glue, cut and stick with writings and drawings to boot. It’s something I’ve missed for a while as with the 9-5 to balance and the rest of the blog to keep up to date so whether I could spend a couple of hours or a few of minutes before bed it was all progress to the finish line.


With a year spent with my previous website design, over time my wants in terms of the content I wished to produce began to evolve, how I felt about my older goals also began to move in a new direction. Which is not a bad thing but it can leave you feeling adrift in where you actually want to take this new realisation and ideas. During the majority of 2017 I had a few unemployment / job woes which continued into 2018 meaning I lent heavily on my passions and creativity (but it still left me in a bit of a funk) - I thought maybe there are other talented souls who want to get a bit more enjoyment out of life when not working. On occasion we don’t always enjoy our jobs so to find enthusiasm inside and outside of the work environment could benefit our contentment. Sometimes we all need a bit of escapism and I believe it’s important to find that ‘thing‘ that’s all our own. As my own understanding of creativity has changed it’s not just for artists, it can be applicable to anyone wanting to find fresh connections that make them happy in their work or interests. Thus my hashtag was born: #coppercreativity. Social media is a huge place so I want to cultivate a little area where we can say hello, do challenges together, show what we’ve been up to creativity-wise which could be anything from solving an equation, letting us into your capsule wardrobe, drawing in your personal sketchbook and also sharing your tips. Whilst it’s currently in the baby stages, you can use #coppercreativity on instagram and hopefully it’ll keep us updated on all those good vibes you’re putting out.

How Rebranding Helped Me & Saying Hello To #coppercreativity

What’s New With Your Rebrand ? Any New Ideas We Should Know About ?

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